​The Enlightened Organization vs Work-Life Balance

It is almost impossible to talk about the elegant aspects of a spiritual life without talking about the modern day corporation whose web spreads across all types of lives of all human beings in the world to-day. Since my earliest childhood days I envisioned to become the perfect “company man” so that I could have a chance to make a contribution in changing the world into a better place. Much of such kind of ambition is influenced by the kind of compassion we develop from a young age. 

An organization can be viewed as a living thing, figuratively speaking, since its intelligence is a sum of the intellects of the leaders who head it. Like human beings, institutions vary in their usefulness to other organizations and to the people it serves. The only challenge common to all organizations is that they fail to consider the spiritual nature of people and instead humans are seen in terms of capital, hence the description “Human Capital” as used by the executives to describe their workers. This could serve to explain why it’s so hard to find an organization whose structures are designed to enhance the spiritual growth and development of their workers. 

The finest companies purposely define their culture to fit the innate needs of their employees, communication of which is done across the enterprise and hence used to shape decisions, influence excellent and authentic behavior among the workers. True and awakened leaders are personally humble. They encourage ability, independence and self-assuredness in people, while encouraging their associates and subordinates, praising and promoting them.

An effective leader understands that the highest task of leadership is to enhance human energy and human vision. This way, conducive environment is created for the spiritual progress of those who are aware of this important work-life balance.

Great leaders are rare because the best are shaped by unique backgrounds and challenging detours that improved their capabilities, mindset and meditation. Check the case for Steve Jobs. He became a changed man when he visited the East and had a chance to meditate following which he revolutionized the computer industry with his magnificent inventions and innovations.

A great inner atmosphere enables our mind energies to converge thereby unleashing our full genius potential.

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