​The Pensive Buddha

Teachings of a Buddha last for thousands of years for one very simple reason: they specialize on teaching about the workings of the human mind and the benefits that arise if a person can master the technique of taming their own minds. A Buddha doesn’t care so much about the government order and the economic, social and cultural fads of the day for he understands that all problems in life arise from the delusion that is concomitant to the way the mind functions. The supreme clarity with which a Buddha sees the world is so crystallized that no image can possibly capture the magnificence of his inner bliss and nature.
For the last 2,500 years so much has changed in the world. Systems of finance, governance and ways of life have changed so much in every tiny detail, so much so that its not possible anymore to recognize Truth as taught by all doctrines written many years ago. However the human mind hasn’t changed. In mathematics we would call this a “constant” – that parameter in the equation of civilization that doesn’t change.

As opposed to what many are led to believe, education doesn’t change the nature of the mind of a person. In easier terms, academic education cannot be a factor for determining if I will be allowed through the narrow of heaven regardless of whether I took a kick-ass Bachelor of Science degree in the university. This is because Nirvana is attained by those who have a true understanding of the “language of the Heart”. More often than not, though a person becomes learned, they become easily conceited by their own knowledge (see the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden), and because their minds are clouded by conceit and inconceivable delusion, they think they are right and all others are wrong.

A deluded mind comes to detest and hate the genuine Teachings, this way becoming a companion and associate of illusion. It is evermore important that one cultivates and practices Teachings that are wholesome and undoubtedly lead to the Ultimate Reality and Truth.

Enlightenment Knowledge passed on for thousands of years becomes hard to understand or follow. Sometimes I wonder how ways that are delusional became so ingrained in every aspect of life, but it could be because those who Awaken never perform their “work” thoroughly. Delusion is the toughest prison from which anyone can attempt to free another for, that which cannot be tried and disproved (in large scale) has always had a lascivious lure for the illogical man.

4 thoughts on “​The Pensive Buddha

  1. Sei benvenuto. È per questo che insegno questo grande cammino di saggezza e illuminazione, proprio come ha sperimentato il più saggio tra gli uomini, Socrate. È un raro che si conclude nella pura benedizione e nella saggezza trascendentale. È la fine di tutto il sapere e l’inizio dell’essere, l’ultima fonte di ogni conoscenza e pace interiore. grazie per aver letto in dettaglio!

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