​The Way of the Awakened

Any person who has experienced the glory of the moment when, after being in the cold and darkness for long, the sun emerges from the horizon has an inkling of spirituality in them. The whole Nature is intertwined in innumerable ways beyond the fathom f our intellectual abilities. While we may have advanced scientifically to a point where more progress is impossible there remains limitless mystery that science will never the luxury to demystify. And this is the beauty of Nature – that its Intelligence is greater than a billion times of all the minds in the world together. More than infinity itself!

There is a “place” beyond the ordinary thought and mind that constitutes a deep and illimitable reservoir of righteousness and wisdom, unpolluted by the corruption of thought or delusion. This great and good “residence” causes those who consciously abide therein to have a preeminence of character among other beings of the Earth. Studying the past industriously reveals such benevolent people, rarely known to the modern world.

The Awakened are persons of great warmth and have a unique devotedness in their select friendships. Thanks to their wakefulness, their kindness and accommodation to strangers is usually unparalleled because they have discovered the essence in the Nature of all beings. Wakefulness eliminates all kinds of prejudices preinstalled in the mind, which obviates the need to face every situation with a fresh mind and awareness. This is the beginning all life. This way, one is able to move into and out of circumstances of all kinds of nature with getting blemished by the burden that comes with all things. Pleasure or joy, one is able to transcend all and be at imperturbable Bliss.

Their eminence, too, in their respective careers and professions, their communicative dispositions and the politeness of their general manners sets them apart from other creatures of illusion. Their ease and vivacity in conversations gives a charm to their immediate socializations to be found nowhere else. Persons of True Enlightenment understand the futility of Awakening others who seem to enjoy their own sleep hence the reason most of them appear to tell precious little.

The wakeful well understand the importance of humor and brash in communicating serious matters of enlightenment, depending as it does upon their retaining in their own hands some factors in the wisdom which are never imparted to the reader.

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