The Enlightenment Experiment

The last 2,000 years have seen periods of endless selfish religious and spiritual propaganda in writings made by most people, most of it materialistic, nationalistic and in some instances basically untrue and wrongly motivated. This culture was a clamor mostly motivated by the fact that this was an era of war and for the strongest empires to amalgamate more and more territory. However such aggressiveness in the world was an important development as this was the only way of bringing the civilization that we enjoy to-day.

Unconsciously our past history affects the way in which many articulate their ideas in the same degree it influences the capability of people to understand and imbibe new knowledge. The best asset we now have as Scholars of Wisdom is world history which is now abundantly available to us. This vast resource for study of human consciousness was not available to our ancestors yet I wonder how they were able to sharpen their own enlightenment to such unfathomable degrees such as has never been experienced since their existence. In this I mean men like Socrates, Plato, Moses the Prophet, Zoroaster, Shiva and Buddha among many others who appeared way ahead of their own time.
Having been a writer for one month, many questions have popped up in my tiny head. Many a time have I wondered why it has become so hard for the modern mind to read anything that is longer than two paragraphs? I am yet to find an answer to that. I myself experience the laziness that shows up as I try hard to stay awake when reading stuff. Something is wrong with our generation. Or maybe the rapid progress in technology has caused a degradation of the brain power of us human beings.

I think the more technology we have become exposed and an influx of information has certainly worked to dull our intuitive faculties such that it’s harder to learn much to-day.

7 thoughts on “The Enlightenment Experiment

  1. Another amazing and thought provoking article, my dear friend.
    I have a possible answer to your question of how the wise of the past we’re able to acquire such wisdom without the benefit of the abundance of knowledge we can access so easily. They had quiet. They had room to be quiet in their minds and time to contemplate that quiet. Today we need to make time for such meditations, but then the mind was less cluttered with information and I believe it may have been easier for those wise ones to hear what the universe was teaching them.
    Today, quiet Mindspace is almost impossible to achieve, unless we practice mindfully to achieve it.
    Just take a long walk in the woods or sit and watch the ocean when no one is around and you’ll feel a rush of energy and peace.
    We need to make room to quiet our minds in our lives and we will also acquire wisdom.

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  2. Wow! That answer carries oceans of Truth in it. It baffles me when I ponder on how unnatural we humans have become.
    The once pious men and women even no longer have the ability for tangible visions. This is a huge shift in consciousness, collectively where we are now able to live princely lives but inside our souls we have become beggars for the lack of this much needed QUIET.

    Am so glad for your contribution on this subject. Thanks.

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