​Friedrich Nietzsche’s Philosophy of Calumny

God is not Dead
German born, Friedrich Nietzsche was one of the smartest minds of his time. The peak of his meditation can be evidence by the work that should be considered it to be priceless – Thus Spake Zarathustra. In this work his seeking attitude shines bright for Zoroaster is a Mystic that no one would suspected to have ever existed if Nietzsche hadn’t made these ancient available in a way that the Truly Curious can understand.

Though born in a very strict Christian background, Nietzsche grew into an inquisitive person who, though unaware of it, sought to experience the highest enlightenment there can possibly be. But unfortunately, just like the case of all smart individuals he succumbed into the trap of gutter-philosophy when he so beautifully expressed his satirical work named “God is dead”. This had to be the end of his thinking capacity as he reached a meditation ceiling that many learned men and women are wont to due to lack of a formidable Guide.

The modern religious man seems to give little thought to the Spirituality ideal, and less veneration therewith. What he wants out of his pursuit for God is something “concrete” and highly materialistic. And this is the paradox of all persons. This is the single-biggest barrier to discovering the much coveted God-Realization. Such persons, due to the strength of their Ego, have no apparent belief or faith in the True Teachings of the most outstanding torch-bearers of Enlightenment. This gives a subtle explanation as to why in these modern times religion has been reduced into a mere ornament that is adorned on some specific occasions.

Three paths are usually wide open for the brightest but deluded minds in any society: a person either becomes blindly religious (something I see some Americans referring to as “Sheeple”) or he becomes so blindly heretical as Nietzsche attempted to such unbecoming. The third type is rare, that which finds its wise and reassuring to renounce their ignorance altogether in search of the Miraculous. P.D.Ouspensky would be the best fit for this type that understands the existence of a Middle Path.

The latter type, owing to his sincerity and brevity, is usually not only, it appears, free to praise and damn the Teachings of the best (but no longer alive to challenge such heretics) Teachers of Wisdom, challenge and remonstrate; they are also normally gifted with a peculiar rectitude of thought and willingness, and a super talent for great ideas, particularly on the spiritual plane.

You should not be surprised, thus, when such Spiritually Unqualified persons gain more followers in the world, open and covert, than any sophist since the day of the Apostles.

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