The Valiant Sage

A Sage is a person who lives a life full of Wakefulness. Every society has had its own share of Sages according to its culture, tradition and the nature of their piety. While this is a common phenomenon in the history of the East, it is a very rare occurrence especially in Africa and the West. Good thing is, though a Sage might appear in a certain part of the world, their Message and Teaching is generally not to be confined to any particular culture society. Thus their Message is universal in nature because Awakening is a spiritual need for every human being whether they are aware of this or not.

Sages generally appear as men/women of great learning. Unlike those philosophers who mysteriously out the gutters, the Sage seeks to push his doctrine to an enlightening conclusion. Sages know a great deal more concerning the content and character of the human mind than the ordinary man thanks to his valor for attaining enlightenment – which many tremble when they hear because to attain it you have to annihilate your own Ego.

A man can only attain knowledge with the help of those who possess it. This must be understood from the very beginning. One must learn from him who knows.

George Gurdjieff

True Insight is not easy to achieve because it demands renunciation of what we already know if we are to attain something Higher. There are many reasons as to why many, despite incessant practice and effort, do not attain that inkling sensation of True Awakening. This could be because many minds, as a result of possessing many prejudices, assumptions and incorrect Knowledge, never get any farther than a sort of insensate sweating, like that of an athlete. Hence, the True Sage doesn’t necessarily have the brightest brain in the class but rather has the biggest Heart and hence the capacity for Real Compassion. 

Ordinary materialistic attainments have few rewards for a (wo)man of genuine ambition and loving-kindness, with a yearning  to leave his/her mark upon his/her time. Though in action, they really are in inaction for, enlightenment ends all hankering and seeking. Their daily work, however useless or insignificant it may be, demands intelligence of a higher order for this is how the wisdom as wise as Gautam Buddha have survived, at least in writing if not in practice, for more than 2,500 years.

When it comes to the full comprehension of the concept of Enlightenment, it calls for every resource of the human cerebrum. Awakening is like walking on a rope that is suspended on two poles, and the supportive poles being shaky. The career of the True Sage is more or less a double job of intellectual tight-rope walking.

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