​The Men who Rule Us

It is a quite sad situation to see the extent to which people go to worship their leaders. Everybody likes to see their leaders as infallible and their dealings as sanctimonious. While it remains entirely impossible to wake people from this kind of seductive sort of trance imposed on them by their leaders, we can use such situations as learning material for the purpose of our own Enlightenment.

As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.  – Andrew Carnegie

This leadership paradox is eminent in all kinds of leaders, from the political circles to corporate and religious circles. Spiritual sleep is a universal problem that has nothing to do with the civilization and the leadership order of the day. The human mind remains the same since creation.

I have seen people from many different times now and throughout history complain that their leaders don’t do what they say; and what they do they do not say. This discrepancy is rooted in the leaders’ lack of awareness of their own consciousness drivers – their inner nature. The people who lead us are a far cry of the reality of spiritual poverty that has become grounded in all affairs of people.

Lack of awareness makes the leaders to become prisoners of subtle that dictate their decisions and their behavior. This is the sole reason as to why it is of utmost importance to master the mind. Leaders and followers continue to grapple in the dark in the excuse of progress and trying to change the world.

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