​The Sacred Teaching

There are many highly enlightened men and women who have appeared from time to time and revealed Truths that are hard to understand or experience. But unfortunately these lines of knowledge seem to find way to the hands of unscrupulous people who, in all corners of the world, dogmatize such teachings of the wise for the sole benefit of having a coherent way of life in the society. Over time the teaching which was originally meant to be sacred and of ultimate spiritual benefit to the ordinary man, becomes corrupted to the extent that in this modern day it has become easier for any person of unprejudiced insight to see through the veil of any religion or doctrine.
These are times when everything is coming to light. The Holy Mother has since the beginning of time sent people to inform the world about their divulged ways from the Way of Truth. But since many thousands of years pass and the human mind forgets quite fast, we are old left with empty skeletons of the real Teaching of these great persons whose intentions were universal and highly selfless.

The path that leads to True Enlightenment is a strictly individual path. Yet the world has a long history of conditioned group-thinking which is the sure killer of wisdom. Here in Kenya there is a famous proverb that says that “The total intelligence of a crowd is equal to the IQ of the dullest member of that crowd”. While this is the dilemma of all organized doctrines, it also expresses itself clearly in the dealings of men. This can be evidenced by fast fads spread. For example I was watching TV today and was surprised that it took seventy-three years for the investigators to realize that the Titanic broke into two pieces before it sank, the two separate pieces being 600 meters apart.

The example above shows the capability of the human mind to embrace inaccurate “truths” for thousands of years without bothering to think outside the box. The mind is like a box, and as such it is incapable of perceiving that which is beyond it. This is the nature of enlightenment and also the reason, maybe, why it remains a reserve of few who understand Truth can only be attained when one becomes free of all the fetters of false knowledge.

7 thoughts on “​The Sacred Teaching

  1. Phillip, I love this.
    Everything you say resonates deeply.
    Do you have any reading recommendations on any of the things you touched upon?
    All the best to you 🌺

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  2. Thank you so much for your generous approbation. I don’t any specific book that I can recommend for, most of the jewels revealed in these works are a result of deep and insightful observation of stuff and meditation.

    A big fan and skeptic of different kinds of literature that is disparate in nature, I can confess to be the laziest reader for, there is no book I have ever read up to the end. Let me think of one read..

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  3. While to do agree with most of what is said in this post if feel it it is important to note that a life that is lived is not a race. A walk can be for beautiful than a run and easier on the body.

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  4. Hi good friend,
    I was reading the Ashtavakra Gita and thought it a terrific read that you will like.

    Its a book dated 1000 B.C. that carries mountains of Self Knowledge wisdom. Its available for download for free.

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