​Uncovering Meaningful Spiritual Insight

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, someone once said. Life is full of intrigues and triggers that are supposed to aid in our discovery of our spiritual nature. If there was no spiritual essence in life we would otherwise have the same destiny as the animals – we would live just for survival. Humanity is the closest to mankind than the other moving and non-moving living things.
Ironically, in every human activity there is usually some aspect of the spirit involved. This is what we ordinarily refer to as spiritual sleep – the inability to perceive reality without any presumptions or prejudice. It is worth noting that the modern system of education is so successful in churning out graduates but flaws in one thing alone – that all education is based on assumption since by the employed means the ultimate truth is unattainable.

Truth works in mystical ways. It is not something you can go to study in an organized system of learning. This explains why the best theologians are the most confused as far as God matters are concerned. You cannot go to study God in a college; neither can you study Him through scientific processes. These are sure prerequisites for failure. God exists behind the mind, which means all the conceptualizations of the mind are always bound to be incongruent to the Ultimate Truth.

4 thoughts on “​Uncovering Meaningful Spiritual Insight

  1. Haha, I like that one. There has to be something more than mere survival which is too mundane.

    There is a consciousness that if we set ourselves perfectly, that acts as a signal from which our antenna attains Ultimate Clarity of all that Is. Thatness. Suchness.

    The realm beyond all language and free of all conditions. Therefore it is not to be attained through conditioned means. I pray that this makes sense.

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  2. you do make sense but from where I stand I cannot assume why the spider prefers to spin it a web they way it does. I am the a spider. Human consciousness is a web that is spun as well and the flies we catch look very different.

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  3. True that. What predisposes us to the wonderful skill and nature of webbing?

    What is the nature of the food-chain relationship between the spider and the fly?

    What happens of the spiders that don’t learn how to web?

    Why does there have to occur the death of the fly so that the spider can attain fulfilment (in the stomach)?

    What is the real origin of all these phenomena and its interconnectedness?


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