The Avatar of Synthesis

Kalki Avatar is the 10th Teacher as exemplified in the Hindu eschatology. The emphasis is in the fact that he comes with a plenitude of qualities gathered from all his predecessors. The most interesting part about this occasion is that he doesn’t come with the burden to teach.
The Kalki Avatar will not bear the obligation to teach for the simple reason that we have fallen below the spiritual threshold. The Hindu mythology is very hard to understand even among those many that belong to the Hindu religion. In the modern times it is extremely difficult to understand for the simple reason that when a Sage appears in a particular community. This way, whatever teachings they leave their followers is later altered to favor the evolution of the times and the existing political and philosophical order. And this way the real Truth is lost forever!

There are all signs that we have now entered the Golden Age which a major subject concern of all the other Avataras, especially Vishnu the wisest among men. He accurately predicted about the current affairs of human beings at large – the world wars, the filth that is now evident in all ways of life and so on. The problem as to why many cannot comprehend a simplified prophecy is because they are usually crypted in ways that only the equals of the wise men and, besides, one needs to awaken from their spiritual sleep first before they can understand the language of the gods.

An Avatar is an ordinary man or woman only that in their past existences he has embraced the Truth and gone to extra miles to propound it fearlessly and by use of skillful means to help others attain it. There Kalki will most definitely be a man who understands all the ways of life of all people. We are at the adjunct of two great Yugas or Cosmic Cycles. This is hard to believe because in our terribly short lives we lay so much focus on our desires, dreams and achievements that we fail to recognize that we are all part of a bigger cycle. This is the paradox of all human beings.

Born in the dark, we spend the rest of our lives seamlessly striving to remain and die in darkness. I think this is a conditioning available in all societies.

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