Good Friends, Good Books and Good Food

Life is such that it has become impossible to attain true happiness for almost everybody in the world of to-day. Why so? The world of information has advanced so much so that it has become possible to learn about events happening in other distant places. This way it has become a world where everybody is so buried in the details of happening either in their life or of events elsewhere. It could be a hurricane or a mega flood or the landslides where many lose their lives tragically.

There is so much happening in the world that is mostly likely to trigger the curiosity of any smart person to wonder that there must be something more mandatory than the material ablutions that have been installed in all ways of life so that it is harder for the ordinary man to gain the curiosity for higher truths much less suspect of its existence in the first place. This way we inherit the miseries of the past generations before us and that way we have taken a vow to perpetuate their ignorance by all means necessary.

But I would prefer to label this as a lack of a better way to live because since back thousands of years ago mankind has not completely lost the herd-mentally where people in all different societies had to stick tightly together or face annihilation by other communities. Those are the times when creeds were followed to the latter and also that way the modern religion came into existence. 

But as the world came from the middle ages say, before 13th Century A.D., the religious authority started to gain influence in the affairs of man. It is surprising that it was indeed punishable by death for the common person to read the bible. This was left to the confines of the men who claimed to be very close to God. There were still many mistakes and inconsistencies in the holy book because it had proven challenging to accurately interpret the writings in the bible from Aramaic into the Latin language. Aramaic was a very cryptic rabbinical language that had been developed when the majority of the Jews were captive in the Babylon about two thousand years B.C. It was at this time their religion was polytheistic and the concept had to be transformed into a monotheistic concept.

I think men find it easier to create God in their own image than to deeper within themselves to and find the Holy Mother has been all along for them to “turn in” for millions of kalpas.

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