​Debunking Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

The evolution theory is conjured in colossal mistakes that most choose to ignore because the modern day science has become a form of mythology where everything the scientists and the archeologists push down our throats is beyond reproach, at least theoretically. Such acts have worked to intimidate those that would otherwise be truly religious peoples; those that have neared the fruition of their enlightenment during this opportune time we are living in.
One important truth to recognize is that in all existence, one thing remains constant throughout – human intelligence. This means that the people who lived 12,000 years ago were not any less intelligent than us. In any case, science and technology must have dulled our intellect to a greater extent. Long ago the privilege of reading and writing was very limited to very few enlightened men and women. Hence, memory played a big role in everything. This is why most ancient scriptures are usually very unclear because there was less interest to write when men’s memories were in superabundance. I think those are the times when many still had fewer distractions and were thus able to have visions and to easily self-remember.

Charles Darwin must have coined his theory based on very fallacious assumptions. Furthermore, all these time machines mankind has invented to see into the ways of life during the distant past are all products of the same mind and ego that prevents man from discovering his true spiritual destiny – that Source from which all science originates. But good thing is now it has become easier to understand the limited nature of science for, it has not been successfully used to prevent war, famine, catastrophes and other occurrences.

How is it that scientists are able to understand the nature of life 14 billion years ago but cannot see forecast catastrophes about to happen? How is it that science cannot be applied to change the thinking of man to end all war and suffering? This shows the shortfalls of science in a brief way. I think it’s a very big fallacy to consider mankind to be just an animal that evolved from the more primitive primates. That’s very wrong and this only serves to lower the dignity of mankind. 

Our purpose here on Earth is higher than science likes us to think!

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