​Religion as a Psychological Document

Religion will remain to be my favorite subject of discussion for as long as I live for the fact that it has been used throughout history for the wrong purposes – to repress the Real Truth. Religion has time and again throughout all civilizations of mankind to influence the people in the particular societies to behave in a certain way that favors the dealings of the proletariat and other vested interests. 

Man is the same inconsistent being in all ages of the world, in all stages of civilization. – Henry Dana

Every time a man of great transcendental Awakening appears his teachings are ignored, but as soon as their existence is no more their teachings are conflagrated into a creed and doctrine. This way the Truth taught by the original voice begins it disappearance into oblivion, and we the current generations inherit dead words and letters this that lack the potent to Awaken the Genius dormant in us.

All the religious and spiritual knowledge available has been around for innumerable number of centuries. We just keep on building on the knowledge that has been passed down to us from the ancient people. Therefore we should look up to this wise people of the distant past the same just like, and the truths they worked so hard to teach were intended to be universal in nature because all beings are made of the same spiritual stuff and matter. This is the bigger picture.

Unfortunately the sacred ideas to enlightenment passed on to us have almost always found their ways to minds of wicked intention that use the message to their own advantage. This is a case of how over thousands of years religion loses its power to awaken from their spiritual sleep, which is the journey of all that lives.

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