​The Dilemma of the Poet

The young lady had said she would marry him, and Mullah Nasrudin was holding her tenderly. “I wonder what your folks will think,” he said. “Do they know that I write poetry?”
“Not yet, baby,” she said. “I have told them about your drinking and gambling, but i thought I’d better not tell them everything at once.”
Nasrudin was a very enlightened man who used his own life to illustrate the human tragedy of spiritual unawareness. The joke above is a good reminder about the various shortcomings of human conduct. The poet in the character aforesaid is an extremely wise fellow but as usual the society is designed to emphasize about our personal tendencies that in the end have no correlation with the bigger picture as to why we are here in this world in the first place.
This paradox is eminent in all cultures where true intuition is not encouraged. A poet is someone who has mastered the silent music of nature that cannot be expressed through ordinary language and logic. The poet understands that intuition is far superior than mere intellectualism of Nature.
The same is the case with all Teachers of Self Knowledge where with time the knowledge they had initially transmitted disappears because generally humans are more intrigued by appearances and that way miss the bigger picture – Awakening.

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