​The Fear of Success

There’s a Zen story about a woman who noticed a disturbing bump under a rug. This hardworking lady tried to smooth out the rug, but every time she did so, the bump resurfaced. In utter frustration, she finally grabbed up the rug, and to her untold surprise, out slid an agitated snake!

This is a situation that everybody can relate with. Every time a person succeeds in their endeavor they always experience a deep void afterward. A hunger that yearns to be fed…

I think for every outward success we gain in the outer realm of our lives that should resonate with a success with fine-tuning with our souls – that from which all bliss and inner peace and balance arise from.

Many a time we have been too prudent in endeavors that only serve to provide short-term happiness while totally remaining unaware of the spiritual essence that yearns to be rediscovered in us. This is the nature of the human mind. The mind leads us to conquer the world with the sword of ignorance. With such weapon as aforesaid, every battle won is actually a battle as good as lost. All that arises from ignorance is nothing other than delusion itself in its full regalia.

In the search for their true being and spiritual nature many persons commit the error of treating only the symptoms that cause them not to attain a higher realization of the Supreme Reality.

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