​The Hindu Concept of the Golden Age

For many thousands of years the consciousness of man has traversed an extraordinarily long period of obscurity. So many wars have been fought during this time in the name of security or religion. So many women’s rights were repressed. In almost all places women were considered as property and hence less spiritual than the men. The examples are endlessly many of this past Dark Age called Kali.
The world goes through four cycles of three thousand years each. During the end of each cycle the world goes through a major cleansing. At the end of the bigger cycle (12,000 years) there occurs extensive moral decadence. Men forget everything concerning God and the places of worship become blemished with heinous acts that are devoid of all purity and piety.

It is at this time that God descends on Earth, cleanses it of the bad influence of the Dark Ages and makes the Eternal Teaching once more available to the lucky few whose karma has prepared them for such an awakening and freedom from all delusion.

The minds of the awakened ones becomes as pellucid as crystal.

The problem is we have developed so much knowledge that we have become too mechanical to the point where we have completely forgotten how to read and interpret the scriptures and other sacred texts. However, this is very understandable if perceived through the spectacle of the extent to which all ways of life have become promiscuous in a similar and all forms of religion have become neutralized by the strong force of the secularism that is now so inevitable. All these have happened so easily without the cognition of the wise men because money and materialism has in this day and age become so inculcated in all welfare of mankind.

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