​Maitreya Buddha as a Proof of the Eternal Law, not an Exception

So much is misunderstood about the intention of the Buddhist eschatology even by the most learned Buddhist scholars themselves. Those who do not understand or much less heed the Teaching of a Buddha think that the aforesaid is a philosopher. In fact what a Buddha does is to bring all philosophies and devious intellectualism to a screeching halt.

A Buddha usually spends innumerable number of lifetimes cultivating for his Buddhahood, a state where he has the numinous capability to help liberate numerous beings from their delusion and samsara when they are still a living Buddha. During many of their past lives a Buddha practices the Way of Truth under various Teachers from all kinds of backgrounds. Hence, by the time they are ready for their last rebirth here on Earth they usually have their mental faculties well prepared for the task that awaits them.

It is as such that a Buddha is misunderstood by many whose consciousness has not evolved to a level where they are able to understand the perspective from which the Blessed One comes from. The spirit world always plays games on us that we are not able to fathom because all our desires and thinking is usually conditioned to perceive only the current lives we are living.

Those who misunderstand such simple truth they do so by their disability to see the world as a form that ought to be transcended. It is by transcending alone that immortality can be attained. Otherwise the Holy Mother keeps sending the persons that fail to master that Way back into these realms until such a time when they are ready to rejoin Her.

The Holy Mother forever wonders what it is about the world that her children become so attached that they completely forget the way back Home to Her Abode.

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