​The Signs of the Times

The world is going through divine fire as the spiritual ignorance of humanity is little by little brought to light. The world has opened up in significant ways now. All the false knowledge that men have considered to be true for many thousands of years are now facing increased questioning.
At this time and age only those completely reluctant and greedy of the delusions the world has to offer will continue to remain in the dark. All religions and dogmas now have to go through a divine as the new generation will be able to compare and see how different religions have been used to exploit others over the years, while denying the people the true God knowledge.

This is a time when there are millions of calamities are happening in different parts of the world. The reason we might fail to perceive this is because these events occur as if they are all accidental, random and unrelated. Furthermore, we are ordinarily only conscious of the happenings that occur in our surroundings and that way it becomes impossible to connect the dots.

The planets have realigned to prepare for this great epoch where the people that reject to become advanced in spirit will tremble and live restlessly due to the paradigm shift that is going to be effected.

I prefer to see this as a divine comedy worthy of a smile because nothing happens that the world has not attracted in its perpetual spiritual “sleep”. Ironically, the same we are usually diligent in paying tax, there is a divine tax that humanity has failed to submit in  a very long period of time.

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