To Know Thyself

The better you know yourself the easier it becomes to know the world. 

Jesus once said that “First enter the Kingdom of God…” Many times I have seen that single statement contains all the Enlightenment intended by the Christian esotericism. 

Basically there are two types of knowledge. There is knowledge of the world that we learn through society, education, culture and sometimes religion. Then there is Self-Knowledge, which is the persisting theme in all my writing. This kind of knowledge is purely an individual search.

Divinity cannot be experienced in a group. True divinity is usually an individual experience. Even if it gets experienced in groups then it does not last. Nature is very accurate in its exertion because it does not get fooled even by the smartest individuals. Nature has no shortcuts. The only way to have a true and limitless wisdom of the world is by first discovering our true Nature.

It is not more and more knowledge that we need for the purpose of Awakening the Divinity in us but, rather, an empty mind. True Wisdom comes to those who are able to be like a child. A child sees the world through naked eyes. Those who are able to discipline their minds in the way of Nirvana don’t do so by reading more and more scripture or meditation and yoga.

There exists a place inside our Hearts where all effort and practice become futile. Hence, it’s impossible to conquer the mind with the same mind.

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