​Abraham Lincoln’s Subtle Sense of Humor

Make Something Out of it Anyway

From the day of his nomination by the Chicago Convention, gifts poured in upon Lincoln. Many of these came in the form of wearing apparel. Mr. George Lincoln of Brooklyn, who brought to Springfield, in January 1861, a most-handsome silk hat to the President-Elect, the gift of a New York hat expert told some friends that in receiving the hat Lincoln laughed heartily over the gifts of clothing, and remarked to Mrs. Lincoln: “Well, wife, if nothing else comes out of this scrape (presidency), we are at least going to have some new clothes, aren’t we?”

Abraham Lincoln was a man raised to his station by his innate virtue and merit. He is the president who, despite much opposition, abolished the subhuman iniquity of slavery and slave trade in America for good. By that virtue alone, I bet, he entered sainthood.

I like the joke for the reason that it reminds us that we should allow our consciousness and appreciation of the divine comedy we call life shouldn’t be lowered by achievement of our ambitions. Most of the times people tend to hold on too much to their pains and musings that they forget on the present – Here and Now.

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