​A Burlesque Philosophy of Language

Language is inseparable from the culture and traditions of a people. Just as we human beings grow and develop, so does all language. Language has life as such. The best talented in elocution, speech and writing people that existed many years ago would be surprised if they were to come alive to-day to see how much language has evolved. Evolution can be positive or negative, just as humans have good growth and bad growth, spiritually.
Language is a wonder because in it is hidden all the secrets of all civilization and all the intelligences of a people. Usually, language functions like a river. A language known today can disappear into oblivion in the next 500 years. Historically, when the mighty ruled of one country conquered another then the conquered had to adopt the language of their superiors and also their traditions and culture in a subtle level as these are not completely separable.

There is so much Enlightenment codes embedded in every language the meaning of whose is not readily available to the non-seeking mind. Every language, however primitive, has hidden symbols of wisdom.

The best example I can give is of the Sanskrit language. This is a language in India that the wisest secrets can be found. The civilizations of the remote past witnessed extremely wise persons whose expressions of the phenomena of Samadhi, Moksha and Nirvana and Dharma are to be found in this language. The same expressions fall short in true meaning if translated to any language. Yet this is a truth also with many other languages.

There is that experience of Self that is beyond all language, inexpressible by nature and inexhaustible in seeking and benefits. 

27 thoughts on “​A Burlesque Philosophy of Language

  1. In between, is the essence, the truth. The brahman. It is where there is no time and there are no words, because all there is is the eternal now. We are all too busy to see that in every moment, there is purely only that moment and everything else is an illusion of our ego. Our ego is the only thing that prevents us from seeing all the truth, all the lessons, and all the wisdom, yet we cling to it so desperately, even in our searches for the truth, because we believe we’re searching. We believe we need to remember, or we need to forget, in order to achieve something that we all have innately. My feet touch the floor. I am connected now to the earth, as I have always been. There is nothing to do, say, think, or change in this moment, because I am inhaling and I am exhaling. When I can inhale and when I can exhale, I have all the knowledge of the universe passing through me, accessible at any moment, without any effort. It is only my ego that says it is so. In the space between remembering and forgetting, you have the sky, and we are so busy chasing clouds, we failed to notice it’s right there.

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  2. I’ve only read two of your posts so far, and I enjoyed both immensely. I am curious about your perspective on this: I started listening to Terence McKenna not too long ago and he said how culture and language are not your friends. They are means of limiting and restricting you. Alan Watts said similar, saying how words are too clunky and long to convey the deep truths. He said no word can accurately convey Nirvana or even reality – what the true reality is, the true self, the Brahman. Both were saying a language is a tool, but it can be misused and misleading. I agree in many ways with both men, but as a writer, language is my toolset. I’ve found though, the more I listen to them, the more I find myself laughing at how we all use language. I struggle sometimes to put philosophy in words, like handling a greased pig. How about you?

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  3. Hahaha! A greased pig! Haha!

    For sure, these two gentlemen are talking about the same thing, that language as we know it has two levels of communication: one is banal where men and women talk all day without meaning anything of real importance save for the transactions that occur in human relationships and interactions.

    The second is as I have candidly made my theme here: enlightenment.

    Ordinarily, as you are quick and adept to observe, men have used language to deceive each other and to build a system of exploiting each other because they all have a vested interest in all this drama of spiritual sleep. The deceived and the deceiver all love the game of superficiality.

    You get?

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  4. ❤ I don't just get, I am nodding enthusiastically over here. I couldn't agree with you more. As language is getting dumbed down, it becomes easier and easier to deceive each other. It seems to me there is more focus on the words then the meaning behind them. (We all need to have the best words, right?) Even, sticking with Watts, we've molested so many words to make them more confusing. It's as if language has become the barrier to enlightenment, by allowing people to believe they must be masters of so much beyond themselves to have a prayer of grasping one 4 letter word, the one universal word in all language that has been ravaged in every sense of the word – Love. You say or write that, and you can have millions of texts, missives, whatever about love, but all it does is muddy the waters, because love isn't something you can put in words. So much of life now is wasted in this attempt to commoditize and analyze things that can't really go into nice neat boxes of words, and as it keeps going, now we try to force ourselves in these boxes along with the words. How many people are "I am ___" you know?

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  5. Its long since I met someone of your nature. I have been blogging here almost similar to what Bodhidharma did for 9 years, looking at a wall (ignorant world) due to realization that words have destroyed so much of what they were supposed to aid in – complete enlightenment – due to a new civilization where people are so carried away by the evil forces of the times and hence all that is being marketed in all media and all places of worship and conference is the lower modes of life – that which only serves the lowest class of people (spiritually speaking – those that are lowest on the spiritual evolution ladder).

    Its truly a new world order, where everybody has become absolutely godless. But fortunately this does bewilder me because all the enlightened men that passed in this world before predicted all this.

    Now a tough task lay ahead of persons like you that, even though we have the universal compassion to save the world, we are incapacitated by the fact that it has now become almost impossible to educate these modern minds.

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  6. ❤ I find comfort in a simple quote from The Buddha – A drowning man cannot save another drowning man. I'm the height of "suffering of duality" in the sense I am trying to straddle two worlds as best as I can. There's the world I know exists though I can't see it, where my … purpose, my calling is to help myself and all souls… yet, there's also a mom, with a house, and a car payment, and over a decade of stupid decisions, bad debt, and a reliance on pretty things to make my dying soul smile.

    Two days ago, I wrote to myself in my journal, "Dude, look, it's simple. Your gift is writing, so you write. You write as if everything you put down is meant for just one person to read, and you have no idea who that person is. You do your best for that one person, and you trust that everything will come to you when you need it, because that's how it has always been, you were just too busy chasing it." So, yeah, I generally think things are going to hell in a handbasket, but I think they're supposed to. I'm a weirdo who thought it is amazing Trump got elected, because maybe (maybe…) people will start to realize that sound bites, headlines, facebook, etc. shouldn't make decisions for them. That outsourcing your mind has terrible orange toupeed consequences 😉

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  7. This is so deep. I can respond in parts.

    First I really wanted Trump to win, and win he did! Its an advantage for the family of the enlightened because little by little the world is now realizing that they have been worshipping idols (politicians) whose success and life is only comparable to the short length of life of a beautiful flower. Hence more and more people will slowly begin to turn INWARDS.

    Secondly, its wise you realize the illusory nature of family and friendships. This at best is what makes up society. And the aim of society (the devil) is to prevent your enlightenment by all means possible. Its just nature. This means its mandatory to detach ( at a mental level) from all the fetters of society.
    In the end when we die, what does family and friends matter? Again the simile of foam arising from the ocean applies here..

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  8. 🙂 I am so very happy I stumbled on your blog today. These comments have been like a breath of fresh air in a very musty closet for my brain. While I try to write out as much as I learn, understand, and know, it’s admittedly marred with hesitation, worry, and doubt from the ego. It’s one of those dances I am learning to just put all of it aside and keep going. Everything you say here are thoughts and things I have put in my journal many times. I was raised Catholic, so most of my life has this fear of… if I don’t do this right, I’m going to hell, etc. If nothing else, reincarnation gives me some breathing room hahahaha.

    But yes, yes, a thousand times yes, it’s becoming so difficult for anyone to blindly support any one side, because both are so glaringly corrupt and wrong. I think most people are suffering under this tremendous pull where their psyche itself cannot handle the insane poles/duality we’ve collectively put ourselves under. We all know money isn’t really important, yet we kill ourselves for it. I’m finding that as I delve deeper into my own oceans, the more the ego and life try to pull me away. It’s a beautiful dance where I know innately I must do nothing and be everything to understand the truth that lives just beyond the tip of my fingers. Yet, all of my conditioning screams the opposite. When you get to the place where you know every truth is a lie, and every lie is a truth, it becomes easier to pull away and rest in the quiet waters of solitude. In there, I feel all the things I can’t say.

    That, I think, is where the beauty of Zen is… because none of us can be taught. We all need to pull the strings as we see them, and we all need to find the balance between doing and being.

    “No one can build you the bridge on which you, and only you, must cross the river of life. There may be countless trails and bridges and demigods who would gladly carry you across; but only at the price of pawning and forgoing yourself. There is one path in the world that none can walk but you. Where does it lead? Don’t ask, walk!”

    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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  9. I absolutely love the way you describe “the dance”. This brings a reminiscent thought about the work of Friedrich Nietzsche called ” Thus Spake Zarathustra “. I intend to write on this sometime this week.

    Zoroaster was a fully enlightened man (circ. 1000 B.C.). He explained enlightenment as the dance of a rope walker, on a rope that is suspended between two tall towers.

    Does that ring a bell?

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  10. If I remember correctly, Nietzsche wrote this, declaring “God is Dead” which has been grossly misinterpreted and used since. He had been trying to say that we need a new way of looking at God, that the god above in fluffy clouds sense didn’t work. Like Einstein, he was saying we need a better understanding of religion. Einstein said the religion of the future, the one to fully embrace the scientific/cosmic perspective and bring unity, would be Buddhism, because it’s not a religion hahaha. Then, Nietzsche lost his mind and died in an asylum, because – as with the tight rope walker… this dance we do is a very very fine line between enlightenment and madness. It is no easy task to tear apart everything you’ve ever thought you believed in, and everything everyone has ever told you that you are and still maintain appropriate… *ahem* decorum… 😉 Funny how enlightenment, madness, and genius are all tight rope dances, eh?

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  11. Come on my dear. Nietzsche’s death had nothing to do with all this stuff about Nirvana. In fact, Nirvana is just the immediate opposite of madness. Christians of those days were glad to spread all that bullshit propaganda because the expositions of such a man would deny many millions business (the tax they collect in form of offerings).

    He died of yellow fever or something like that. In any case Nietzsche was nowhere near enlightenment regardless of his eloquence. So that case is settled. He was just a curious kid wanting to know what the whole society is missing and why all people are so happy to worship the wrong gods.

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  12. They say he had syphilis! Agreed with you entirely, I was saying more that in his quest, he became so disillusioned he actually lost his mind. I find him a warning message for myself and coming back to what we were saying earlier – it’s so easy to be swept away by others, you lose who you are. Similarly, it’s so easy to be swept away by the pursuit of enlightenment, you lose yourself.

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  13. Yes and no! I have heard the Aquarian age from the new age stuff, but I did not realize it stemmed from Buddha. I have a bad habit of filing things in categories: ah yes, I read that on one of those Wu Wu philosophy sites, I read this from Buddha, etc. Deep down, I know we’re all reading the same stories from the same pool of knowledge, and we get caught up on our words to describe it, but I have a habit of forgetting that truth. I had recently read of Kalpas and the different stages of the dream in Hindu philosophy, and I’ve been thinking we’re at the time where Evil and Good seem equally matched, and maybe Evil is looking like it will win. Is this similar with Maitrryavyakarna? The Age of Aquarius in the new age stuff is basically saying we’re all undergoing major shifts in consciousness and the lightworkers will begin to do things, and all of this. From my own corner of the blue and green orb, I’ll say this, I’m losing my damn mind hahaha. For me, I’ve found a perpetual process of forgetting and remembering. Just speaking with you has reminded me of things I realized only a year ago that I had already forgotten. I like to use Jung to help me understand my mind… To me, my ego convolutes my connection with the divine. Similarly, our collective conscious gives us a pool of knowledge that we all know deep down, and condition ourselves to or against. So, the more we can individually strip away our ego, the more access we have to the great wealth of the collective consciousness, increasing wisdom and knowledge and intuition for yourself and others by proxy. I think that the circumstances of life are forcing people to do this, whether they want to or not.

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  14. You can never lose yourself in the presence of the perfect Guru.

    One more thing, dont allow the karma of Nietzsche to let you commit the fallacy of hasty generalization. If he died funny then that was his fuckin karma for his past deeds which he failed to expiate!

    People usually get lost into delusion and wrong paths that lead to hell due to lack of great guides. Thats the state of the world. And this concept alone can explain why the Church has so easily conquered the world with its half-truths.

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  15. True! And the reality is, each of us are our own guru’s. We’ve been so conditioned to believe this is awful of us to say. You are right, in that casual comment, I see I am likely holding myself back purely in fear and disbelief in myself.

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