​How Mankind Forgot the Way Back Home to the Holy Mother

Forget what the scientists have told you that you are an animal. These are thoughtless fads that are spread for the perpetuation of a system that depends on the spiritual sleep of the world. 
I remember nine years ago when I was searching for someone whose wisdom could quench my great thirst for enlightenment that I practically found no one. This has been the way of the seeker since the beginning of times – to seek from one teacher to another. The cosmic joke here is that even though many people appear, at least superficially, to have mastered this experience, you get surprised if you engage them for some time.

Mankind was placed on this Earth to live a highly spiritual life that aligns with other purposes that are not cognizable by the ordinary mind that is lost in the realms of desire and indulgence. 

One aspect that has led to the complete death of the consciousness of mankind is the rise of the corporation concept. Now we have been reduced to a pyramid of consumers where the richest people are seen as the holiest. What happens when someone wants to profit from your ignorance? They praise you as a god.

Sad enough I have seen several famous persons especially in the music scene blaspheming themselves as Gods. But if you can take your time to study the 12,000 years cycles that the world goes through you will understand that history repeats itself.

It is when humans forget about their spiritual nature and purpose that all sorts of moral decadence and plundering and exploitation among their leaders goes beyond the ordinary. This is evident in all parts of the world.

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