​Maitreya Buddha: The Hero with a Thousand Faces

If you are lucky enough to demystify all the spiritual natures of this world, you shall almost always end at trying to fathom this character that appears in all religions. Mankind has the tendency of arriving at religious conclusions that only remain plausible for as long as there exists no perfectly enlightened individuals to challenge them.
This is the nature of life here on Earth – that the mighty rule notwithstanding their spiritual ignorance or correctness of their belief systems. 

The character of Maitreya appears in Christianity as Christ in his impending 2nd coming. In Chinese mythology he is recognized as the Laughing Buddha while in the Hindu eschatology he is recognized as Kalki Avatar. He also appears in Zoroastrianism as the Saoshyant. In Islam he is to be recognized as Imam Mehdi.

The problem with the peoples of the world is that they have, over the years, digressed so much in their delusive ways as pertains spirituality that it has become almost impossible to fathom such a character. The good thing is that the appearance of such an individual brings to light the existence of much erring incorporated in all religions and the supposed ways for salvation.

Salvation is the most misperceived concept of spirituality. Time and again we human beings have fallen prey of unscrupulous people who used this innate hunger to make erred projections of the true nature of spirituality and God for us. 

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