​Nirvana – The Unsurpassable Way

 The greatest benefit of attaining Nirvana is that you begin to live a life of wakefulness. You begin to develop and nurture many qualities that are attractive to many people. This is the special moment when your mind attains the ultimate unification – the female and male mind begin to coalesce in ways that for the first time you experience total inner silence, pure bliss. 

Little by little you begin to unravel the mysteries and secrets of the boundless Enlightenment that is experienced by the few who understand the inexpressible language of unconditional surrender.

Enlightenment is the most misunderstood concept about the human purpose here on Earth. This is so because we are all living during a time when the “corporate concept” has overwhelmed the minds of everyone in all places of the world. This means that there no longer exist genuine individuals who talk and encourage others to follow this rare path and seek its benefits.

As such all doctrines that previously advocated for the awakening and enlightenment of beings have not been able to withstand the strong influence of the Age of Kali, where the doctrines of materialism have percolated through all systems of thought. What remains of the doctrines is vague and impersonalistic ideas about God.

Thus, the few who choose to walk that path that leads to the Unsurpassable Nirvana will always have the opportunity to benefit many others that they come across or better still, those that are in their lives. From time to time Masters of Light appear in our Earthly Plane to remind us of the way but I think history has always given us a clear lesson that the human mind is as weak as a rope tether tied on the leg of a strong elephant.

True Enlightenment opens up a person’s full force of life. One gets to aligned with the Cosmic Divinity that has always been there since the beginning of times. Life can’t be more meaningful than this, regardless of one’s station, temperaments or careers. This one experience can only be compared to raising one’s clarity to the level of the top of the human consciousness’ pyramid. 

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