​Pain and Pleasure – The two Sovereign Masters

The British philosopher once made the use of this metaphor to explain the human behavior and condition. The two masters govern people in all they think, do and say. Everybody has internal need systems that are operational in them beginning at childhood and that continues through their life, being altered by the forces of age, learning and maturation in mind faculties.

It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes, but an even wiser man to learn from others’ mistakes.

~Zen Proverb

All human activities and ambitions are triggered by these two masters. This encapsulated all endeavors. However, rare is the person who transcends these to reach into the abode of the Eternal Bliss, that which is not affected by the rise and fall of the waves of pain and pleasure.

It is the fear of death and scarcity that makes many to put on a mask of religion or morality. We go to school not for the desire of true wisdom and service for mankind but because we find ourselves caught up in an unfair human competition quagmire.

Glory is fleeting but obscurity lasts forever.

~Napoleon Bonaparte

A Soul descends from a spiritual abode (Holy Mother) before seeking human form in the womb of a mother. Then as soon as we are born in the world the evil forces – pain and pleasure – work so hard to recruit a new member of the species of humankind. And for the rest of the life of the individual the battle continues. The Soul keeps losing because the society is ever strong, with a strict scarcity of moral agents and truly awakened individuals. 

This is divine comedy worthy a hearty laughter.

Aluta continua..

One thought on “​Pain and Pleasure – The two Sovereign Masters

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