​The Fisher of Men

Undoubtedly, all human beings are usually at different stages of spiritual advancement. This is the very reason why people follow differing ideologies concerning life be it in terms of culture, tradition or in the general welfare of life. All these are ladders in the same spiritual cycle regardless whether a person is aware of this basic truth or not. The universe sends in different corners of the world to accumulate some experience and all that is accumulated in your spiritual DNA for “future” use.
With respect to the above it becomes easier to understand the fact that throughout the stretch of time from the remote past through into the future there appear men and women who, according to the existing systems of life, appear to be aimless yet determined in their dealings. They appear in different places regardless of preexisting dispositions of the locations. But the good news is that these persons are common in the one thing that they preach a certain universal message whose highest aim is for the liberation.

The joke here is that you don’t wake up one day, blow a few puffs of smoke, and decide that you will go forth to teach and liberate others whose preparedness in the path has blossomed. Actually you don’t get to decide as this is not something that is cultivated in a single lifetime.

Such a person usually has undergone thorough training in the perfection of their Enlightenment. This is the essence of patience and persistence, the two sacred keys as described in a different article. 

Fully accomplishing the activities of Enlightenment, such an individual gets to work in harmony with the activities of all beings. They uphold the Teachings of Enlightenment of those before them, and illuminate the deeds of this Illimitable Wisdom. 

They always heed pure speech that holds within each word the totality of the Perfect Enlightenment, and an ocean of words and (style of) languages precisely suited to the needs of all living beings. To this aspiration such persons actively seek to possess perfect intelligence so as to heed the melody of speech when the Victorious Teachers of Wisdom of past, present and future Teach Self-Liberation.

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