​The Forbidden Fruit

A Japanese Zen Master during the Meiji era was visited by the ruler of a neighboring country who had come to inquire about the essence of the path of Zen to Enlightenment. He was well versed in different scriptures and philosophies. The Zen Master served his guest with some tea as the visitor continued to quote different verses in asking his questions.

He poured his visitor’s cup full and then kept on pouring. The visitor watched the overflow with great alarm until he could no longer control himself. “The cup is over-full. No more can go in it!” he cried out.

“Like this cup,” the Zen Master replied, “you are full of your own opinions, beliefs and assumptions. How can I Teach you anything meaningful unless you first empty your cup (mind)?”

This story contains a lot of wisdom in it. We are living in a world where everybody is too full of themselves and by such unbecoming they cannot learn anything of the True Path.

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