​The Perfect Enlightenment

The perfection of enlightenment is attained by the practice of purity of the body, speech and the mind. This means that through deep contemplation and introspection one gets to get hold of their unconscious. The unconscious is the source from which all thoughts arise from. One might be aware of this or not. Beyond this unconscious is the Garden of Eden – the abode of God.
What prevents us from tapping into this potential is false knowledge and unnecessary assumptions concerning the decisions we make from time to time.

The power of aspiration for the attainment of Enlightenment is what sets a person upon this less trodden path. By this virtue alone one gets to conceive of the entire realm of Truth that is completely filled with the Enlightened Ones. 

This is when one gains the energy and determination to perform all the deeds Enlightenment, thereby wishing to embrace spiritual life in all their lives after death, migration and rebirth. This is a prayer to be pure in the immaculate deeds of morality, with conduct always being flawless and without fault.

This way one is able to patiently and diligently perform the perfections of Enlightenment. This is a great regard for the intention to attain Enlightenment.

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