​The Secret Doctrine

The average life of a human being is, say, 70 years. This is quite a short period for any person to learn all the secrets of the universe, their intelligence notwithstanding.
It is by this virtue that we become helplessly dependent upon the course that the distant future. Forget what the wealthiest men in the world have said about having de facto control of the future. This in itself is the highest level of arrogance and ignorance that anybody can have. This reminds of the once-great continents that sunk – the continent of Lemuria and Atlantis.

To be honest the intelligence of the human mind is very limited and minute if compared to the vast intelligence of the cosmos. One day Zoroaster (in his prophecy of the end of the world cycle and the advent of new World Teacher) asked God, “How much time remains till the advent of Maitreya?” God answered, “3,000 years”.

“Oh, a long time remains!” remarked Zoroaster and God responded, “Then do not let this time seem long to you”.

Across all religions and cultures there have appeared men and women who have preached eternal teachings that are more often than not later subjected to corruption for the purpose of misleading the spiritually empty seeker. These persons have mastered the art of tapping into a Higher Source for wisdom concerning all the ways of humanity (of the past, present and future). I am amazed that all their ideas concerning the future have always come true with a peculiar accuracy and fashion, just as the prophecies concerning their own appearance turned out perfectly.

The Buddha, long before he was born on Earth had been widely prophesied both in the Hindu traditions and in the Buddhist pantheon. It is the same case with all the other “Brothers of Humanity”. 

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