​The Writing Experiment

By a curious turn of events I found myself having more passion to write, with the ongoing debate of the Spiritual Nature of humanity as the trigger. Although unrelated to my profession, Actuarial Science, the venture has turned out to be far more rewarding for this way I get to learn a lot. This is so because in writing much compassion is needed where you need to place yourself in the shoes of the reader by whatever means necessary so that your message can be understood as you intend it to be.
Viewer response has been unexpectedly positive. This is a great source of inspiration for any writer. I think what makes a writer continue smoothly in their writing careers is the determination to remain knowledgably articulate in the subjects they specialize in. 

The writings herein can be read on three levels. A reading of the immediate information shall provide more than enough to whet the appetite of the average reader. The more adventurous reader may delve into the words given extra weight throughout the blog. Sometimes these concepts appear in Caps and at other times appear buried in tales and metaphors. In such depths the reader can find many gems of wisdom not generally known; or whose interdependence is unknown.

Nevertheless, it’s not easy to relate time, space and matter in a stunning economy of words as I have learned from my poet friends who have the prowess of compressing an entire ocean into a single dewdrop of meaningful words. This is all the more important because knowledge of the cosmos comes to us either directly or indirectly through our senses.

There is a sixth sense that behaves differently from all others and this is to be mastered by use of expedient means such as meditation.

15 thoughts on “​The Writing Experiment

  1. Yes indeed. I also feel like we will create more intimacy and community locally, too. ..moving beyond people just staring at their phones or plugged into earphones even while being with others.

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  2. You have expressed something of essence here – pure wisdom. Now that all this technology has advanced so much more and more people will begin to get tired of the ordinary and superficial use of these gadgets and they will gain the hunger for True Spirituality over the next several hundred years.

    The cosmos is always evolving.

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