​To Leave the World a Better Place

This ought to be the aspiration of everybody – to leave the world a better place than we found it. This is so for the elusive reason that we are the same people who keep getting sent back on this realm to attain our spiritual and enlightenment perfection. This is the beauty of life, I suppose.
The only way we can leave the world a better place than we found it is by devoting to actions that lead to the flourishing of the spiritual nature of other souls. An awakened man or woman doesn’t need anyone to tell them what is wrong or right to do. One can leave the world billions of dollars wealthier but the funny thing is that true happiness is not derived from material things but from establishing oneself in their innate spiritual center.

Now all men and women of “Light” are gearing up for some great work. Why? The world has now advanced so much in terms of science and technology that there is basically nothing left to discover. There can’t be better TVs and phones than we already have. Now all focus will be on some useless qualities which will not result in significant functioning of these things.

Therefore we the modern generation has the greatest tools that our predecessors never had. I can barely believe that I am able to type an article and within a few minutes it reaches my friends that are scattered throughout the planet. This alone throws me into a trance. 

Clearly, it is a blessed time that we are living in.

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