​Wakefulness: Owning Your Life

Everybody has an inner theatre – the programming that each person has incorporated from his or her genetic inheritance and infant experience. To attain Real Awakening of the Self these are to be transcended. This inner theatre is a product of the nature around us and the kind of nurturing that we have received over time.

Despite the fact that the brain is intrinsically hardwired with particular instinctive behavior patterns, this kind of connectedness isn’t irrevocably fixed. We play a big unconscious in all these. Through the nature-nurture interface, highly complex motivational need systems shape the unique internal theatre of a person. From this stage the character and idiosyncrasies of the individual are formed.

The above concept explains why Enlightenment does not work in groups. This reminds me of a story where during a teaching occasion different people consulted the Buddha on the existence of God. He gave multiple, unrelated, different answers to all of them. Inquired by Ananda his chief student, he remarked that “All people are on different stages of spiritual development. Hence, the answers change according to the individual asking the question”.

We all have different inner atmospheres and that implies that no single method fits all. This is the dilemma of all dogmas – that they impose a certain kind of Self Knowledge upon their followers. This can further serve to explain what the Christian mystical saying of “The path to heaven is as narrow as the eye of a needle”. 

The path is so narrow that even a philosopher as magnificent as Plato would not fit lest he puts his philosophy aside first to pick it up later. 

It is when we wake up to the Ultimate that we begin to own our lives fulltime. 

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