​Stranger in the Night

The Soul is the most ignored aspect of human life. All our systems incessantly advocate for all types of happiness and advancements but nothing is mentioned of the reality of the soul. This is the only phenomena that has remained out of reach of the best scientists because to understand your Soul, its needs and wants you have to transcend your body and mind to reach that inconceivable abode that knows the entire history of itself and its glorious destiny.
It is by this virtue that one should understand that without the Realization of the Soul in its Ultimate Purity all other kinds of happiness and achievements remain to be incomplete. This is why men fear death. This is why the thoughts of death or scarcity evokes such an immense suffering and restlessness of the mind. That is why meditation or prayer are hard to practice and attain tangible results.

When you rediscover the Soul in all its resplendence, all your natural intuitions get reconnected to a certain “hidden” Source and everything begins to make sense. This is a state that is beyond being and not-being – where neither death nor deathlessness exists. 

By the power of fervor the minds begins to develop in ways you have not known before because you have now allowed it to constantly access nourishment from the Soul. Then for the first time you begin to view your desires differently as if they are happening to someone else. 

Desires are the primal germs of the mind beyond which, searching in your Heart, you get to discover in the Nothingness of life the connecting bond of Supreme Being. The more and more you concert effort to let light from the Soul shine, the greater you get to discover subtle Truths uniquely designed for your path.

The beauty of the spirituality of life is that everyone’s path is unique in some way or another – just as even identical twins have different fingerprints.

18 thoughts on “​Stranger in the Night

  1. Its the best I have read today. You profoundly express the imperfections that come with life and their untold purpose in such beautiful fashion and poetic style.

    The analogy of a creased shirt fits perfectly to denote the intended meaning of the wisdom.

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