​The 2nd Coming of Christ Demystified

It is absolutely impossible to discuss this great esoteric subject without immense considerateness of the confines of the Laws of reincarnation. These are not common subjects among the most popular religions and philosophies of the West for the simple reason that their essence were deleted from the main scriptures by the priestcraft and the rulers of the early European rulers such as King Justinus. 
As a mother’s womb exists, so does a larger, vaster and intricately complex Cosmic womb exist. Jesus is widely misunderstood even by the most educated men and women in the land for the simple reason that he appeared thousands of years before his time. The greatest divine truth is that he not only appeared in the West but has also appeared in the East and is widely known under different titles such as Ajita, Metteya and Budai the laughing Buddha.

The greatest fallacy that goes unnoticed by all is that the mystical statements made by Jesus were not meant to be understood by the ordinary ignorant mind but rather by a spiritually qualified mind that understands the subtle meanings of esoteric symbolism. Observing thus, it becomes easy to separate the real wheat from the chaff in the holy books that were corrupted with additive information that obscured the real message. 

In all mythology there is what we would refer to as the 5th Heaven, which is the abode of beings such as these. There are stages to reach to these stages of spiritual advancement. Many prefer to see such phenomena as empty myths because it is very difficult for them to lay their sins (delusions, desires and greed) aside in order to serve a higher purpose. By so undoing they get into the folly of creating wrong imagery of the descent of such men to the world.

Surprisingly, great Teachers as Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu and many others are born as everyone else but owing to their past merit and virtue they grow like a lotus. No more polluted by their environment than a lotus is by the mud in which it grows they make realization after another and rise to the High Seat, thereby helping others in the way and leaving behind a message that shall exist till the end of times.

Such beings usually have forgone their own Final Enlightenment in order to appear in some future time to offer respite to the genuine seekers. 

There is nothing more mysterious than mystery itself.

26 thoughts on “​The 2nd Coming of Christ Demystified

  1. Me too. And am dedicated to presenting such natures in understandable ways. To present truth in a way that it helps someone get closer to their spirituality. Know what I mean?


  2. Excellent. Thanks. I have in store much treasure that I enjoy to share for the benefit of the seeking soul like you. Am so happy that you understand the purity of my intention.


  3. Oh excellent! I hadn’t seen that genius side about you, thanks God I asked.
    This post was triggered by the thoughts about the Dead Sea Scrolls. You have made my day, oh kindred spirit.


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