​Be Master of Mind rather than Mastered by Mind

Thus I’ve heard of a Zen story about a frog that was swimming jubilantly in a river, minding his own business. Suddenly, he heard a voice calling out to him. Swimming toward the sound, the frog saw a scorpion standing on the riverbank. The scorpion said, “I need to get across the river. Please give me a ride.” 

I told the doctor I was overtired, anxiety-ridden, compulsively active, constantly depressed, with recurring fits of paranoia. Turns out am normal. ~Jules  Pfeiffer

The frog was skeptical. “I know your type,” he said.  “Scorpions do sting. How do I know you won’t kill me if I try to help you?” 

The scorpion said, “Why would I do that? If I kill you, I’ll die too, because I can’t swim.”

This made much sense to the frog, and he agreed to take the scorpion across the river. The scorpion crawled on to the frog’s back and the frog slid into the water. But halfway across the river, the frog suddenly felt a sharp sting in his back and, out of the corner of his eye, saw the scorpion remove his stinger. “You fool!” the frog croaked. “Now we’ll both die! Why on earth did you do that?”

“I couldn’t help myself,” the scorpion admitted. “It’s my character.”

This intriguing Zen story gives a perfect picture of the nature of the ordinary life where people incessantly seek for the cures for a “Higher Life” in all the wrong places. We are basically sent here on this plane of existence, the world, to cultivate and advance our spiritual natures. 

All the significant battles are waged within the Self. ~ Zen Proverb

I love Zen for its straightforward approach to the idea of Enlightenment. When well elucidated and beautifully arranged and eloquently presented, the gems found in Zen can help an adept seeker to reach to the highest peaks of his or her consciousness and awareness. Further, Zen’s approach has ideas that appeal to the pragmatic connoisseur and the ardent Seeker of refined sensibilities, the aficionado of good taste. 

The essence of Zen is pure wisdom that aims to reveal reality in its utter nakedness.

27 thoughts on “​Be Master of Mind rather than Mastered by Mind

  1. Zen is quintessential for the fact that its roots are glorious in both the spirit and the letter; it provides a consummation of the Teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni – a Teacher of gods and mortals willing to be led.

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