​The Seeds that fell on Fertile Ground

Have you ever heard a new idea then thought silently to yourself, “This sounds quite familiar to my consciousness, have I experienced or learnt this before?” This is the nature of spirituality. In our long-term life we gather gems from various Teachers and religions. Then the more these gems are cultivated the bigger the potential of the harvest becomes for our Golden Future.
All men and women dream: but not equally! Inasmuch as the society is designed as “One size fits all”, people have varying aspirations and ambitions deep inside of themselves. For example a Buddha has made an aspiration to become such while an Alexander the Great has made a resolve to rule the world (unfortunately the laws of nature dictate that nobody can ever conquer the world, and if they do it lasts short like the draught of a candle light in a fierce tempest).

The adept seeker of Truth is usually wise, full of faith and learned in the ways of Teachings. In the path of Spirituality accidents don’t happen, the law of cause and effect is very powerful. An adept seeker is the one who understands the futile nature of clinging to speculative views, and therefore goes forth in search of something more meaningful and Higher.

The True Seeker understands the yin and yang of virtue. He/she has heard much knowledge concerning spirituality and the divine path, has learned it well in his mind and does not forget easily what he has learnt due to the intensity of the effort that he puts forth in applying himself to the learning. Such a one identifies great Teachings – those that emphasize perfection and purity – helpful in his/her journey, to which he/she listens and hearkens keenly, ponders over and penetrates with wisdom.

Such a person is pleasant to speak to. He/she is endowed with qualities that make it easy to speak to; he/she is patient and sharp-witted at grasping the meaning of elucidations concerning the Ultimate Reality. Yet again such an individual delights in Truth, and rejoices greatly in the Higher Truths and Teachings. 

The True Seeker has resolute energy for abandoning lower qualities and he’s strong and stout in acquiring great qualities. With a laser-sharp vision that is purified and surpasses that of ordinary men/women, he can see that all things are like a passing show – they rise and fall like the waves in water. Thus he/she is able to understand that too much attachment to these is like keeping close a venomous snake that will eventually bite you mercilessly.

Finally, by the destruction of delusions, he attains freedom of mind and freedom through Self-Knowledge and abides in it.

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