Humor: ​Greed Begets Delusion

I will use a story to illustrate the dilemma that is in all human life. There are age-old systems operational in all societies and cultures. Even the modern organization and systems are nothing entirely new for they are constructs of the human mind and ideas that have been worked on and improved over many tens of thousands of years. The paradox is that the modern mind, due to the marvels of science and technology has become too removed from nature that he has become too mechanical even in thinking that even most of the spiritual knowledge he might happen to consume doesn’t cause much transformation. 
‘If you want special illumination, look upon the human face. See clearly within laughter, the Essence of Ultimate Truth.’ Rumi

Although this joke could be best understood and appreciated by those who have a slight knowledge of the financial industry, the idea of human desire is a common phenomenon only that it is appareled differently across different locations and traditions. But the stuff that all desire and greed is made of is the same. Over time, beliefs are formed around the inclinations of a people; and this is how knowledge (however faulty) is passed down to the current generation. And the confusion goes on and on because we in turn, as a result of being wary, we mindlessly build on the vast knowledge passed on to us.

‘Serious things cannot be understood without humorous things, nor opposites without opposites.’ Plato

One day, Maitreya borrowed a thousand dollars from his friend. After he had earned it back, he sent it back to his friend albeit with a twenty per cent interest. When the lady (friend) saw it she was most surprised.

“What is this?” she asked. “Well,” said Maitreya, “when I borrowed your money, it was pregnant and it brought a child into the world.” The lady smiled and accepted the money.

A few months later Maitreya borrowed the money again but this time he did not return it. The lady was rather grossly infuriated. She went to Maitreya and asked, “What about my money?”

“I’m very sorry,” said Maitreya, “but it died.”

“Don’t joke with me!” said the lady, “how can money die?”

“If you believe that it brought a child into the world,” said Maitreya, “why can’t you believe it died?”

7 thoughts on “Humor: ​Greed Begets Delusion

  1. You completely comprehend the human dilemma. As such you can see how problems become cumulative in nature, universally, out of humanity’s lack of clear sight into matters, which leads to further suffering for everyone. Thus the world turns into a hellish planet where some people are born to suffer.

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