The Unexcelled Teaching

The Teachings to the Ultimate have always been delivered by persons who appear as punctuation marks during the beginning of every new civilization. This is difficult to understand because such individuals, when their dispensation takes place on the Earthly plane, whatever message and teachings they leave behind is quickly absorbed in the particular culture in which they appear. Yet the message of Spiritual Path offered by such persons is initially intended to be universal in nature. Hence, all religions, dogmas and doctrines that attempt to illumine on Truth are merely different fingers that point to the same moon – Enlightenment.

Happiness is lighter than a feather, but no one knows how to support it; depression is heavier than the Earth, and yet no one knows ho to avoid it. ~Chuang Tzu

Problems is, we human beings are impeded to the attainment of the Ultimate Reality due to our untold contempt and resentment for such Teachings and moreso of the Teachers themselves. As such it is impossible for a Christian to understand the Buddha and equally difficult for a Mohammedan to understand Lord Vishnu and his Teaching. These, accompanied with laziness, complacency with mundane achievement (materialism), passionate and proud behavior further obscure the “Moon” from the sight of the seeker.

However, the adept individual who applies herself to understand such transcendental wisdom either in letter or in spirit, gains (unknowingly) a thousandfold of benefits in this life and in the hereafter viz. faith endowed with intelligence and a swift Enlightenment. The adept student knows that all Teachings are like motorboats and abandons complacency with great learning. Such a person nourishes the corresponding realizations as an effort to perfect her intuitive wisdom.

The unexcelled Teaching purifies all taints. As such, it correctly expounds the Spiritual life with all its excellences. It brings upon one devotion, joy and intelligence through study, reflection and meditative concentration.

The greatness of such a Teaching flows unhindered through the use of explanations by use of skillful means of writing and reasonable words that are used to EXPOUND, ANALYZE and RESOLVE DOUBTS.

Long live!

33 thoughts on “The Unexcelled Teaching

  1. For real. I am just an ordinary rebel who is less interested in writing as an art and more concerned with writing as the only means of communication of that which is Beyond all Language and Words – the inexpressible, the unspeakable.

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  2. Hi Benl,
    That’s it. To understand others (the world) we must first completely know ourselves. There are no shortcuts.

    I think this was the greatest failure for Alexander the Great. He wouldn’t conquer the world because he hadn’t succeeded in conquering himself first.

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  3. Hi Philip,

    that is so true. But it seems it’s the hardest part. Because to change yourself you must admit that you are wrong.But hey we are always right,right.

    I believe in change . i don’t believe in character.This concept was invented by people who are afraid of change

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  4. Absolutely right my Venerable Friend.

    Its wise to see the unity that belongs to all circumstances. One should allow his/her mind to delight itself in the Harmony of all excellent qualities.

    And, as you have pointed out, the change of circumstances should be perceived by such a one (wise) as the developments rightly prescribed for them, keeping a fast hold of the Author of them – Thatness.

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