History: ​Influence of Politics on Religion

Over the last 2,000 years there have been only countable individuals who truly understood the purity of the intention of the appearance of Jesus during those dark moments when the Jews were subjected to the harsh rule of the Roman Empire. As a result the rule intentions of his teachings have become too vague as gold is hidden in dross. The problem arises when a True Seeker wants to understand God properly. I was brought up as a Christian and being the “naughty” kid who always wanted proven answers I grew up asking tough questions that nobody cared to answer from my parents and teachers and even the brightest friends I had in all academic levels.
As is evident in all scriptures Jesus was on a special preparation mission for his future career. His second appearance has been predicted in all kinds of faiths from Zoroastrianism (as Saoshyant), Islam (as Imam Mehdi), Buddhism (as Metteya) and in Hinduism as Kalki Avatar. The thing with Teaching Awakening is a universal calling and is in no way a preserve of any particular community or race. This challenge is evident in all traditions where different cultures condition their peoples to believe that their faith is the most right – no matter how wrong or digressed the dogma is from the real Truth.

There were many gods worshipped during the time of Jesus that we now see as fictitious. After the death of Jesus there arose two factions amongst his followers. One advocated for the “turning the other cheek” and “giving to the Caesar what belonged to Caesar”. The other Judean sect was ceaselessly busy waging religious war to the harsh Roman rule. 

The Flavian Roman Empire family that ruled from 69 to 96 C.E., the period when the Gospels were compiled, inculcated so much satire in the original message of Jesus. Much of the intellect was from Flavius Josephus who was the chief historian of the Flavian dynasty that consisted of the two other Caesars – Titus and Dominitian. The satires had to be very skillful for them to go unnoticed for two millenniums. 

To understand why the Flavians decided to corrupt the original message of Jesus, one needs to understand the political environment that ensued following the dynasty’s defeat of a movement in 74 C.E. of messianic Jews. The Flavian rule had to invent Christianity to end the struggle that existed between Hellenism (Greek mythology that was polytheistic) and Judaism (which was monotheistic). 

Hellenism had been introduced in Judea after Alexander the Great had conquered the country in 333 A.D. and his successors went on to found cities in the new conquered lands to act as centers of commerce and administration. Consequently, the peoples of Judea, despite their historical resistance to external influences, began to adopt some traits of the Greek ruling class into their culture. For instance the wealthy Jews sought Greek education for their young and able men, this way being introduced to Greek myths, sports, music and arts…

This is a history that replicates in all civilizations throughout the world. I have actually seen that happen here in Africa where Christian missionaries came alongside the colonizers and inculcated their doctrines and systems amongst the peoples here. I don’t see it as a bad thing as this is the advantage of universalism. When the outsiders step in wanting to expand their territories they had to tell our forefathers that their methods of worship were wrong and that the true God was the Christian God.

Similar stories can be found to be true of all other religions where the authorities corrupt the true message in order to hypnotize the Children of God and establish their dictatorship upon them. On and on, the fads pass into posterity, and if a half-truth is spread for many hundreds of years people become more and more dull and all curiosity to question disappears in thin air.

21 thoughts on “History: ​Influence of Politics on Religion

  1. I think you and I may be kindred spirits – asking tough questions that no one wants to answer. Cop out – take it on faith? I do think however that the reality is that religion has influenced politics way more than the other way around!
    Come visit my site?

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  2. Ditto!

    Its true my friend. Religion is one single factor that has completely politics of all parts of the world in many ways.

    This could be so because spirituality existed long before mankind organized himself into governable spheres of influence. There’s a lot more to it. Visiting your site in a jiffy, my kindred spirit!


  3. I utilized this approach to provide a way of enhancing awareness on a soul that could be stuck in dogma but deep inside they desire something more meaningful than what they have already known and experienced.


  4. You have transcendental understanding if you can recognize such subtle Truth with much ease like that.
    Mankind has altered religion to suit his own ego and his mundane material desires because he suffers from cowardice to attain Nirvana and lose everything he has worked for for millions of lives.

    And the saga continues….

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