Impelled by Time

This is a brief exposition of the Hindu prophecy concerning the current time that we are all living in. All great Gurus of the past had their chances to explain through their “all-seeing” Enlightenment, the conditions of the rise of a new civilization. This has deeper meaning although most would choose not to see the reality provided by such literature as the Puranas. 

Ordinarily, we are unable to understand the wisdom provided by some of these Gurus because we look at them through prejudiced eyes and also our illusion of self-importance does not give us a chance to grasp certain hidden Truths hidden amongst these expositions. I agree that different cultures and religions usually have doctored the original truths but this is especially understandable when we know that such traditions add salt to these revelations in a bid to keep off empty and curious minds that lack a keen eye and pure intention to understand the real Truth.
In all history of Enlightenment, the Hindu eschatology has adequately provided the greatest and most advanced of Enlightened men whose teachings have been borrowed and adapted by all world religions. The Hindu civilizations dates back to many thousands of years ago when the likes of Shiva invented Yoga. 
Buddha Shakyamuni was the 9th Hindu’s predicted wise man; and the Kalki avatar happens to be the 10th in that chronology. Many non-believers of Truth see these as mere fiction but the truth is that everyone usually encounters the teachings of these great beings at one time during their transmigrations for, all nature is connected in mysterious ways. It is duality in our present existences that bars us from seeing the true meaning of such phenomena.
All these great Hindu sages made predictions about our new millennium. They were well aware that a time would come that, during the Kali Age (the current epoch), there would exist no topics on the subject of God even at the residences of the so-called saints and respectable gentlemen. All would become so given to the doctrines of materialism. This is why it is extremely difficult to encounter genuinely enlightened men or women in our current generation. Back then there was an order of running things where the rulers were very spiritual beings. But they all predicted that during this new Age the rulers would be of base extraction with no slight knowledge of the holy way of life.
It is at this time that Lord Kalki would be impelled by time to appear as the supreme chastiser. The context of all these is completely misunderstood by most as an empty fairy tale for such a perspective perpetuates the comfort zone of someone. Knowing that there is nothing really to live for gives the atheist enough courage to carry on with his/her unspiritual ways.
Following the end of the 20th century, Sage Kalki would appear as the supreme chastiser. Usually the secret of how these prophecies works is that such great persons (the gods) have seen the individual in question as he undergoes preparation for saving other beings by means of Truth. He would be a portion of that divine being who exists of his own spiritual nature (Enlightenment), and who understands the beginning (of the world systems) and the end and who would comprehend all things (for all is vanity). Such an individual would be one potent with energy, great intelligence and prowess to Teach the Ultimate and Unsurpassable Moksha (Enlightenment). The individual will know all the ways of life that have preceded and will remove the spiritual hunger of the genuine seekers of Truth.
It is worth noting that such a character does not come to teach for the world will (is) filled with people who are unable to fully understand logical spiritual conversations due to the material progress of the world that only places emphasis on mundane achievements as the only way to attain happiness.

14 thoughts on “Impelled by Time

  1. Good morning wonderful Radhika? Thanks for your warm regards.

    Spreading awareness is like the act of a caring mum trying to soothe their kid to swallow some bitter medicine in order for them to be cured.

    To have even one person who understands these sublime Truths in the world is an incomparable bliss for me.
    Am grateful.

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  2. Hey Philip! Even I keep reading books on spirituality and true ways of living life, attaining moksha etc…
    So it becomes quite relatable for me… and hence I appreciate your articles… I understand the true deep meaning behind them!
    It’s a pleasure to read your articles which are so very well researched and knitted!

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  3. The fact that you rejoice in the merits of others, and the fact that you make conscious effort to cultivate the divine portion of your being, tells a lot about your innate spiritual Victories of the past, present and the future.

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