An ​Ode: The Science of Beauty and Love  

My Love,

Your wisdom is just but a sweetening to an impeccable character and great good humor,

When I saw your photo it felt as if the stars were just beyond the image,

You are more beautiful than the scintillating well-cut diamond,

Your hair falls fuller than the mane of a jungle lion,

The harmony in the shape of your body is sweeter and more musical than the foams and sounds of blissful streams,

Your beauty is as intact as the rising sun over a bank of clouds with or without makeup,

My heart is evermore bound by the resplendence of your oceanic eyes.
You fathom the duties of unsurpassed courtesy,

My most treasured secrets shall be safe with you,

You’ll shut them in a little “Inner” room,

Seal the lock and, single-mindedly, throw away the key.
In this red wine of our “otherworldly” love is exquisite liveliness,

Concomitant with unshakable strength and well-being,

Drink deep and you will find unconditioned surrender therein,

I stand like a slave outside your Heart’s door,

Shall I long for an entrance forever in vain?

38 thoughts on “An ​Ode: The Science of Beauty and Love  

  1. Thanks a million. I chose an abstract topic in order to show the unconditional love that arises if lovers live a life of pure wakefulness.

    Relationships founded on the pillar of spirituality blossom in an exponential fashion, while those founded on the faulty lines of mundane desires just lead to mental distress and endless pain, occasionally though, for love needs hard work to keep the flame burning.

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  2. Great poem Philip,

    I like this part
    “Seal the lock and, single-mindedly, throw away the key.
    In this red wine of our “otherworldly” love is exquisite liveliness,”…just beautiful

    Thank you

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  3. There’s nothing as tenderly nourishing to the Spirit as love,

    To cease the restlessness of two Souls,

    Where loneliness is no longer desired,

    Where pure loving devotion succeeds.

    The fairest gift of love is MORE LOVE,

    God embosses Love in the hearts of men when they are born,

    But this they tend to forget soon as they devote their minds to “short-term” desires,

    Where is unconditional love manufactured I go buy some?


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  4. Yes thank you too for giving the work a closer look.
    When one looks at a pot closely do they get to realize that it is just clay?

    This is the same situation with true and unconditional love; when you look closely at True Love there and then you get to recognize divinity in all its glory.

    Thanks a lot Miss Purple.


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