​Belles Lettres: The Genius Fetish

Once upon a time there used to exist serious regard for knowledge, not as we know it now though. Knowledge evolves in quality – where quality has an inverse relationship with the quantity of knowledge. There is transcendental knowledge that is the mother of all other knowledge from philosophy to science to religion. Long ago the most wealthy and determined families in the society – Iran, Chinese dynasties, Japan, India, Europe – hired the wisest and most knowledgeable men and women to train their sons and daughters in the intricacies of the most advanced knowledges. 
This is in deep contrast to today’s way of life where knowledge has become centered to clueless institutions whose only aim is profiteering and feeding to the delusions of the corporate world. In the modern day, knowledge has become too specialized and thus has made people overly ignorant and over-dependent on those in other branches of knowledge. For instance the most learned judge or scientist needs the psychologists when his head begins to get affected by distempers of pressure and depression – he can’t meditate!

Transcendental knowledge can never be taught in organized institutions lest we revive the times of Plato and Socrates among others which is impossible. Long ago there were mystery schools of such nature. Persons well versed and steeped in the ways of such knowledge grew to be admired due to their exquisite manners and calmly beautiful faces – am I describing the effects of meditation here? 

A well tamed and perfected mind gives the practitioner those qualities of eloquence and discretion in matters that you encounter in your day to day life and in your career. There are many such individuals who up to this day we still marvel at their intelligence and understanding of matters in particular areas such as philosophy, politics, business and policy.

Such men and women devote themselves with a single purpose to spiritual and other kinds of education. Year by year they surround themselves with all branches of knowledge of the Unexcelled Teaching and eventually ground themselves in all spiritual knowledges. Consequently, such rare individuals grow in beauty and in all accomplishments.

In alchemy, this is interpreted as “Everything they touch turns into gold”.

In Buddhist studies this would appear as “Wherever they step, there a lotus is born right at his feet!”

18 thoughts on “​Belles Lettres: The Genius Fetish

  1. Sadly acknowledged education is now directly from the internet. No requirement of knowledge or wisdom, it is just whatever the public decides it wants to ingest and much of it is wrong or inaccurate or mediocre and from this the minds of tomorrow will be born.

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  2. You completely understand! Its weird that despite the limitless availability of knowledge and wisdom ignorance levels are at an all time high in this day and age.

    However, there is an infinite difference between memory and wisdom. One requires the mind desperately while the other transcends the mind altogether.

    Thanks a lot for the comment.

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  3. This is what creates such a huge imbalance in society. Yet kids cannot know what knowledge is right and what knowledge is not good for their growth. Results? The society ends ups rearing a group of insane individuals who get into adulthood with all the ignorance, and the disease of ignorance continues to spread like a forest fire!

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  4. Parents like you must be very rare in a world where people just bring up kids to just feed the evil forces of the system.

    Though, I see that evil and moral decadence goes on in the world due to the fact that everyone has a vested interest in the profane way of life.

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  5. Thank you for your kind comment about rarity of my view. I don’t find too much company, is my perception too. I believe most are operatinf from the point of view of no choice, of giving in to whatever system is readily available …to some extent I doing the same I guess …yet hope that my awareness about it and my intention of parenting beyond the system just might make the difference.
    Your point of view of vested interest has provoked thoughts in me …I will continue to reflect on it.

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  6. Please keep contemplating on that part of vested interest.

    And trust you me, your rare parenting will make a difference, just know that you are planting seeds in the soul of your young one if you install the right mind in him. That will go a long way in benefiting his own enlightenment in the future and that of others.

    Ordinarily mankind operates from an autopilot mode, garbage in garbage out. This is the situation of the modern societies where external influence has become inevitable due to the appearance of TV and technology and now obscenity has become the order of the day.

    As a result, people’s inner growth does not proceed beyond the age of 10 years while their physical bodies continue to grow and the other outer conditions but deep inside him he remains a helpless toddler that cannot fathom the concept of Self-Liberation.

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  7. As much as I am grateful for your assurance, truthfully the realities that you point out scare me …but then a parent is wired to doubt and self-judge …
    You are so right …this is what I have felt for the longest time that everyone around has a child in them, mercilessly treated, just adult bodies trying to act grown …much wisdom veiled.

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  8. Thank you, thank you. I have learnt, the hard way, that some things cannot be simplified beyond a certain limit and thats where apparently scary stuff would come up from time to time because of the existence of a mind that has been conditioned in so many ways and forms.
    So much remains veiled despite the appearance of this new Information Age because all people have only known one way of “growth” in life – physical/material – so much so that someone preaching true divinity appears to be coming from a foreign planet. LOL.

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  9. Thanks for cherishing my exemplary company. This is in alignment with a part of my mission – to eliminate doubt of the genuine seeker.

    Can I tell you something?

    We are living at a time when many persons like you who have in previous times cultivated their qualities and as such have appeared in a world where the inner is not recognized at all; at a time when all peoples in the world lack reverence for the true divine nature if life. Therefore little by little your doubts get cleared and you get centered in that spot where all inner bliss and enlightenment becomes possible. The trick is to keep seeking with maximum intelligence and that you have in great quantities.


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