​Helena Blavatsky: There is no Religion Higher than Truth

Blavatsky (19th Century A.D.) was the founder of the then-famous Theosophical Movement, now referred to as the Theosophical Society. She is a rare person in that she discovered something that many couldn’t see in the midst of all the drama of warfare and conquering of continents that punctuated the aforesaid times. This discovery of the need to have a new Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy.  

Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind. ~Albert Einstein

Over the many centuries that these three branches of knowledge have been evolving independently and it has therefore become impossible for men to rise above the details in each domain in order to discover Truth – the Source of all knowledge. Life is not worth living if one cannot discover the Truth they are sent here on Earth to learn and move on. For the many thousands of years that the world was in the darkness as pertains to the advancement of civilization in different parts of the world, communication was impossible and we are part of the new race that will for once be forced – whether we voluntarily accept this or not – to see the world in different spectacles as did our forbearers.

Gently to hear, kindly to judge. ~Shakespeare

Enlightenment is the source of the aforementioned branches of knowledge. Even philosophy falls devotedly at the feet of Truth because it lacks so much that would help a seeker in his quest for Awakening. This is why you would hear of the great and exceptional reasoning of the best philosophers like Aristotle or Plato or Demosthenes and instantly begin to wonder: “what is it that they are not telling me?” You ask: “If Albert Einstein is such a science of genius, why is it that he insists that the more he has known, the more that he has realized that he doesn’t know?”

To see what’s in front of one’s eyes needs a constant struggle. ~George Orwell
History repeats itself because to learn means to die in the ego first. It is for this that human error (in thinking) runs down an inclined plane, while Truth has to laboriously climb its way up the hill, most of the time without help from any wiling soul. The human mind can hardly remain entirely free from bias and prejudice, where decisive opinions are often formulated before a thorough examination of matters from all angles has been made. Yet this is the foundation of all human civilization of the past and present. Presumptions quickly finds lodging in the hearts of men than Truth does.

13 thoughts on “​Helena Blavatsky: There is no Religion Higher than Truth

  1. well..ur this post have amzaed me a lot…ik abt her a lot n i do read everythng abt her….she’s like an insipiration if u see, ur this post had read my mind already abt wat i think n so u have written it down beautifully…much more bttr than i had done!!!

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  2. There are two ways of inspiring. One is by purposeful discussion of a subject. The other is by meditating on a subject that is apparently not being spoken of while making a background deep thought of it that arises from seeing similarities between various phenomena latent in different persons..

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