​Envy as a Consecrated Deed

This is the paradox of human life as we know it. All life in the world has been reduced to sheer competition. Even religion itself is so much reduced to competition people claim to worship the same deities. This applies to every other activity of human life. Even death is much competed (against) for these days where every persons are so scared of dying that the richest are believed to be the safest so much so that people become willing to spend years in life machines to avoid death by all means. Yet they still die in the end – thanks God – the angel of death is the most diligent among the rest. 
At the heart of all envy (however camouflaged) there is a bald self-seeking. One does not need to have a degree in psychology to grasp the fact that individuals get their minds swathed with such undesirable qualities due to a keen lack of interest in cultivating their spirituality. To tame the mind is the way of the genuine seeker of “Light”. This is the only illumination that eliminates all the dark qualities in man. This could be what Zarathustra refers to as the “Higher Man” or the “Superman” in some of his Teachings.

The spiritually asleep man hates everyone who is not deluded – and is afraid of everyone – because he always fears that someone else will discover what he is unable to. He is spiritually dead in the altogether. He is the glory and bulwark of all the “systems” that have been designed specifically to suck his poor blood. The a-bit-aware man may be flustered and run amok by ideas (you see them all the time in social media) – ideas without any comprehensible sense, but at least they are still ideas.

The downright ignorant have room in their heads for only one idea. That is the idea that God regards them fondly, and has a high respect for them – and that all other men (especially those more successful than him) are out of favor in Heaven and are eternally abandoned to the Devil. Haha! These are the likes of those who keep an outward appearance of godliness just because they are terrified of material scarcity and death.

This concept propounded herewith applies to all classes and groups of human life for, even under the pretension of superiority, of course, there lies an utterly uncomfortable realization of actual inferiority. Yet all inferiority in mankind arises from the fact that he has an inbuilt resentment for True Awakening from his spiritual sleep.

14 thoughts on “​Envy as a Consecrated Deed

  1. I am aware. I once was a big fan of American drama and endless hullabaloo until all that brought up the idea of “there has to be something more in life” when I saw how dramatic and successful some imbeciles can be.

    I just love America, all factors being held constant.


  2. In a way, I am groping towards God. At times, I have seen Him in the faces of others. There have been intense spiritual feelings in my life’s darkest moments. I have come to know my own sins and faults, and and am trying to be better in this late stage of life.

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  3. That’s so encouraging of you beloved friend. The more you stabilize in inflexible Wakefulness, the more you will be able to see the face of God everywhere you look.

    For, it is our mind and the Ego that prevents all genuine sight and perception of that which is a function of God.
    Hence the more you open your eyes, though sometimes tears are involved, the more God will know that He is welcome in your life. This works in a very definitive fashion, even the slightest act of devotion for Him matters in the long run.

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  4. Yes, thats true because he was on a spiritual path not available to many due to lack of purity of intention in whatever they do. Einstein’s altruistic nature will save him forevermore.


  5. Great post. One thought I might add. Humans are born with only one handicap, they our human. Some realize this and overcome it. All others accept it and wonder why they can’t find happiness.

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