​The Elixir of Immortality

Man, in his ordinariness, has no ability to save himself from the cycle of birth and death. Due to his “sweet” ignorance he hops from one hell to another, ever-accumulating bad qualities that taint his spirituality. Always men and women have appeared in the world spreading the juice of salvation but due to men’s intent to remain attached to the material and desire realm, the deliverance is gone forever. It is imperative that such dangerously ignorant earn lower rebirths thanks to their slandering of Truth. If you look closely at all systems designed of the human mind they purposely (though obliviously) rebel against these basic Truths. 

It is then that one would wonder why some ordinary persons are able to cross the threshold of the profane world which only produces pain and suffering either now or the afterlife. Immortality remains to be a taboo philosophy because that alone is potent of waking man out of his spiritual sleep – but that is not what he is really interested in. His highest intent in the world is to accumulate sin then thereafter sink into hells or the animal kingdom in a perilous laughter (ignorance).

Ignorance is sweet to the ignorant while wisdom is paramount for the adept seeker. The courageous ones who manage to cross the ordinary world into the special world are heroes in the making because they perform endless merits in all their lives regardless of their dispositions. They bravely undertake the honest journey to approach the inmost cave of their souls from whence they return with the elixir. This concept can be found vaguely explained in all kinds of mythology because all humanity is in the same cycle. There is no duality in this at all.

Supreme Enlightenment does not happen accidentally but rather through having a firm determination and strong faith. Such usually has to be emphasized many times by the strong intention to become enlightened and is evident in the best seekers. Wisdom and utter diligence are the holy grail of this process. 

Concerning the universal concept of Enlightenment the individual seeking for spiritual Truth overcomes much hardship especially in their minds, which is observable in the journey of all universal heroes of Enlightenment.

17 thoughts on “​The Elixir of Immortality

  1. Well articulated post Philip. Man is totally embrioled in pursuing material wealth. He is ignorant about the vast knowledge and wisdom of spiritual enlightenment. The cycle of reincarnation will continue till he rises above all forms of attachment.

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  2. That is great. It is samsara, which is precipitated by the sways of Mara that the utterly ignorant and intellectually arrogant, thereby causing to be frequent and favorite guests of the unstoppable Hell.

    Thanks Mr Garfield.


  3. Oh Philip please do not say you are stupid…..no worries and happy to be chatting with you. I collect Garfield soft toys. I have 475 Garfields. If you visit my About page you can see my mountain of Garfields😃…and if it is any consolation, I make business decisions and shop like a man..haha corporate world requirements😄

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  4. Oh thank you so much. I will check out your page to have a better understanding of that.

    Something you have said that has sparked my interest there. We are in a new Age, and with this paradigm change women shall be brought in perspective a lot, by the larger cosmos (subtly). Over hundreds of thousands of years women have not had a chance to experience their spiritual nature due to repression in all societies save for an insignificant few. It is as such that women have to pick and drop certain qualities that are traditionally thought to be men’s, like what you have just explained. To have an easy time in certain circumstances that shall be necessary that women learn to pick and drop such characteristics because everything that we know of the world was formed in favor of men, by men.

    Thank you so much for your interaction. What say you of my thought on this?


  5. Loved your insightful comment! I think so but sometimes I feel that for certain decisions I cannot be emotional though I feel for it. It is easier being distanced and clearer decisions can be made sans emotions. My tight schedule forces me to maximise time and decisions must be made quick, fast and spot on using women’s intuition without regret. Like it or not, equality or otherwise…I find that I can be good at my job because of how I carry self. Poised and confident and men accept it! Lol!

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  6. Perfectly propounded!

    This is very enlightened truth you have said – transcending the woman/man mind. There is a “higher” place that no one dares to go, where performance at work becomes independent of our sex or predisposition.

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