​Thus Come One: The Brotherly Relationship among the Five Buddhas

Once in several thousand years there arises a Buddha, a Fully Awakened one that is referred under different titles in different traditions and cultures. In the Hindu eschatology they are referred to as Avatars, in Christianity and Islam they would be referred to as Christ or Prophet while in Zoroatrianism such individuals can be referred to as Saoshyant and so on.

There is absolutely little known about the Enlightenment and Intention of a Buddha because to truly and fully understand the dispensation of such a “Thus Come One” you would need to enter Nirvana too. Which is easier: to philosophize about the taste of honey all your life without ever tasting it; or tasting the honey itself and mastering its taste in all its fullness?

I will give a story about the Buddhas, whose purpose when they appear in the world having perfected themselves in the way of Supreme Enlightenment, and that the universal Truths they rediscover by themselves and propound is all the same in its roots, in the middle and in the climax – both in spirit and in the letter. The story is purely for illustration purposes as some persons would be hell-bent to take everything literally while missing the important gems spread in the fable.

Once upon a time (several tens of thousands of years ago) there was a white crow that laid five eggs in a stormy day. Unfortunately, the eggs were swept away to five different location all over the world by the tempest. 

Later, each of the eggs was adopted by an ostrich, a tortoise, a serpent, a buffalo and a lioness. As time passed, they eventually grew up as humans. One day all of them came across one another and learned that they were blood brothers. They all decided to be ordained as Seekers of Truth and, eventually, they became the five Buddhas.

A Buddha acts a punctuation mark to certain length of time in the cosmic cycles. It is by this virtue that such individuals spends countless number of lives perfecting themselves in the way of Truth and Enlightenment, at some point postponing their own awakening many times so that they can appear at the opportune moment when the karma of many have prepared them for their own experience of Truth. Hence, all nature is interconnected mysteriously in ways that no science can fathom.

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