​A Cigar a day keeps the Angel of Death Away

Mullah Hodja Nasreddin was an enlightened man who lived in Iran circ. 13th century A.D. Having to exist amongst his Islam community he decided the only way to teach enlightenment was by making a fool of himself for the rest of his life. This is the dilemma of all men of true awakening that they are always born way ahead of their time and sometimes are forced to use expedient means to accomplish their mission of helping others see the essence within themselves. 
Such was the case for Bodhidharma when he arrived in China during the early Christian Era (C.E.) and for the first three years he had to spend all his precious time learning Mandarin and then for the rest of his life had to teach the Chinese Kung Fu before he could teach them Zen as war was very important for them. 

I will provide a joke herewith to show how men obsess with petty things and carefully avoid the concept of Spirituality and Enlightenment. Everywhere in the world, men care so much about petty morality but don’t give a rat’s ass about the state of their ignorance and spiritual sleep. This is not anything new for, this has always been the case since the way ignorance is convenient for the complacent.

“Mullah,” said the Friend, “I have been reading all those reports about smoking in the media. Do you really think that smoking will shorten your days?”

“I certainly do!” remarked Mullah, “I tried to stop smoking last summer and each of my days seemed as long as a month!”

38 thoughts on “​A Cigar a day keeps the Angel of Death Away

  1. I was so worried I at some instance wondered if the Indian subcontinent had finally decided to be submerged in the deep seas by the gods like it happened with Lemuria?

    I have heard Andrew Carnegie say that “there is little success where there is little laughter”.

    Thanks Di$ha.

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  2. Hahaha! This has just started off my day in high gear! What made you quit? I have heard that smoking is the oldest form of yoga, well, before the corporate fools started minting money out of it. It was always there for tens of thousands of years when mankind didn’t have mountebank doctors to keep scaring the hell out of him.


  3. I hated having to leave my friends at social gatherings to go outside to smoke in inclement weather. And the fact that I knew I smelled of smoke. If we could smoke inside and socially again I would be right there. My feeling is that smokers have rights to and should just ‘suck it up’ lol

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  4. Absolutely. The society is founded on the the weak pillars of duality that forces people to follow a certain pattern of thought system which, if not noticed by the seeker, does not yield happiness because you never know, maybe God will descend upon you in that flurry of smoke?

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  5. That sounds like true and Unsurpassed Compassion.

    I say so because true love and compassion is independent of all petty societal values. Truth is bigger than all systems of the world placed together. Be happy.

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  6. Thats even better. I just used my previous statement as an opportunity to bring the exposition of the independence of God from all human clingings and attachments. You are blessed thus.

    In fact it could be that experience that brought to this great understanding that you have because it forced you to enter deep contemplation of the situation of mankind and how the society misses out on fulfilling the happiness of all due to the policy of “One size fits all”.

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  7. This is the first time I have heard of the name. But a quick look on google I see that he was a spiritual master who had an ashram in Iowa. Right?

    When it comes to gurus they appear in the world in all shapes and sizes. A Guru will have great liberative power according to how much blessings he comes to this world from his previous lives where merits have to be accumulated first, and serious cultivation has to be done in numerous lives under the guidance of different Masters.

    This is a subject that is impossible to exhaust, but the articulacy of my answer solely depends on the answer that you are intuitively looking for.

    Thanks for the interaction. Please feel free to ask anything else concerning this topic or anything else that relates to the Spirit world.

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  8. Well, he didn’t consider himself a guru or master, just a normal guy.

    I asked because he wrote a book in the early 20000-s, “Enlightenment, the damnedest thing” and he said the same thing as you wrote:
    “Even the so-called Gurus that have flooded the Social Media these days barking everywhere about spirituality, many of them are usually just like echoes that don’t in any way represent the real sound or a truly personal experience. It is human nature for, we humans to talk and mimic different ideologies”, discussing this in detail. Then he discusses a lots of other stuff about the enlightenment in a very unorthodox and often harsh way.

    So since what you wrote resonated seemingly with his ideas, I was actually curious whether you knew his works.

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  9. OMG! You have really sent me into a trance now. That makes me so happy.

    I preach only one message: GENUINE AND TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT.

    And since the men who experience enlightenment try their best to make people understand, they are usually reading from the same script of consciousness. I have never heard of him for real. But the moment you have said that I have been able to recognize him as one of the soldiers of shambhala. These soldiers appear when moral decadence reaches its peak and men become less interested in Truth thats why you find that am also a bit harsh in some of my expressions.

    Thank you so much venerable friend.

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