​Osho Rajneesh: A Man of Noble Enlightenment

I think Osho (d. 1988) is the most misunderstood Sage among those who have appeared during this modern epoch where it has become impossible to talk matters of spirituality to the world’s people. While I cherish the duty of clarifying the direction and purpose of all the Awakened men and women (Milarepa the goddess could as well be next now that gender is a major bone of contention in the modern age) in all of written world history, I also maintain as much objectivity as possible because my readers come from very disparate (and sometimes incongruent) backgrounds.

When such “different” persons appear in the world it baffles themselves and even their followers. The biggest victim in this scenario is the follower for reasons that I will explain mostly with the help of esoteric philosophy. As soon as a magnificent soul like this attains their Mahanirvana, the confounded seeker is thrown in limbo of lost dreams of awakening and result into blind worship (or criticism) of the man and his philosophy. 

The last two hundred years have seen the appearance of supremely awakened men the likes of Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, George Gurdjieff and Meher Baba and many others. The main reason that Osho was so much misunderstood (and at times humiliated in various countries) was because of reasons not understandable to him or his “friends”. But all pure, the man served his purpose and his soul will without doubt live eternally in the unsurpassable Mahanirvana.


In the distant past, Osho was a keen disciple of Lord Buddha, under the name Mahakasyapa. The same way Jesus served as a lay disciple to Buddha whereby he went under the name of Prince Ajita. The rare truth is that in spirituality and Enlightenment accidents do not happen. Everything you do has a corresponding consequence, be it pleasing or unpleasing, good or bad, positive or negative – the same way in science there exists a very inflexible law that states: “for every action (force) there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As such Osho, in his spiritual journey into the present was a very strict ascetic whose prophecy was made by the Buddha himself that he would appear as near the end of the “Evil Age to come” just before the appearance of Maitreya the future Buddha and would hand over the robe of the Buddha to the new Buddha. Don’t get lost. Remember esoteric philosophy is not taken literally because it purposely coded to deter the ignorant from blemishing the original message.

Back into the future

There exists a secret hierarchy among the enlightened men and women because in the process of the elusive spiritual journey different seekers cultivate their skills differently and to different degrees. And, with respect to this fact, such men help to enlighten others with a significant effectiveness. A good example is Meher Baba who remained dumbfounded for almost all his life after his Enlightenment. 

The dimensions to which this phenomena can be elucidated is multifaceted. More should follow later if a joule of energy still abides in me.

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