​Rumors of War

This is the perfect time (21st century) to remind mankind of his lost glories of the past – when divinity was his to behold. In all religions and traditions there exists esoteric fables that allude to a time when men knew no greed or scarcity; times when all men had perfect knowledge on how to appease God; times when all the rains and harvests occurred according to the perfect season; times when man didn’t have the need for currency because abundance was naturally his birthright and hence had no need to exploit his neighbors or steal from them.
Watch out, a joke is coming. This was the time when the population wasn’t filled with miscreants who now fill the Earth and rejoice in accumulating sins and bad karma. This was the time when marriage made sense, with divorce as a word that never existed. As such you could find a village that consisted of, say, a hundred people and when born you increased the population by one percent. This is more than the best men in the modern times can do for a town. There is no record of a person doing as much – not even Shakespeare. In the modern world when born, whether in abundance or lack, you cannot escape the boundless misery in the world – physically, mentally and so on.

Enter the 21st century

Men have industriously converted the world into a hellish planet where people are born to suffer. However, this shouldn’t ail your heart at all because everything man does it comes back squarely to him no matter what kind of recluse he is. Mindless living has become the ratified way of life. How does this work? The majority rules. If a government declares that Koreans are not fully human and deserve to be taken at war, then it happens. At that instant even the most ardent religionists sit on their tails like a dog escaping danger. Nobody dares to think.

Opportune Moment

All the Enlightened men and women who have at any one time reincarnated on this Earth know that all problems of humanity arise from the one big delusion – lack of reverence or recognition of his innate divine Nature. 

All the great forces of the universe have been taking positions for a while now I hear. Science has its limits of course. The world has for last few centuries been overly disturbed by everybody through wanton greed for power and all kinds of vanity.

Now we are at the zenith of the much-coveted civilization. When all is set and done – all materialistic dreams of mankind have come true – this becomes the perfect time for the people out there who have had an experience, however slight, of Enlightenment to spread the fruits in their confines. 

34 thoughts on “​Rumors of War

  1. Hello Radhika. Thanks for being a loyal reader all this time. This is a journey that has just began, and interestingly the end is still not in sight until “the mission” is done, perfectly done for that matter.

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  2. Thanks a lot. Its not about the numbers but, rather, about the quality of the message. I strive to keep working hard on the quality and the skillful and expedient means for conveying important knowledge that shall remain relevant for the next 108,000 years to come.


  3. I personally believe it has to do primarily with the economy… wars historically forced an uptick in manufacturing and innovation here — something we lost when we abdicated so much industry to other countries. Because wars have been formerly followed by booms in prosperity, the myth lingers on, stoking the desperation of our stressed workforce and the rhetoric of our politicians (“make America great again” for example), and growing like a starving cancer on the other myth that being one of the most wealthy countries makes us morally righteous and therefore obligated to drag everyone else into the same cultural constructs as we hold whether they want to be there or not. Additionally, nothing unites a divided country like facing a common enemy…and as you can see, although we as a nation have some personal karma to work out, we tend to embrace any and all diversions from the real moral debt.

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  4. Ironically, this is why Trump “won”… a vocal part of the country wants out of the world-policing business. But the problem is that we are increasingly all connected, interdependent upon each other as we divide up international talents and resources. And we are too lazy or stubborn to let go of things that make us vulnerably dependent upon the world — like oil — and in taking our sweet time to figure things out, the instability or regime/government choices of other nations puts our bubble at risk. And when our middle class is shaken, our government is stirred.

    We would be far better served if our politicians listened to our experienced military leaders who after Vietnam typically advise against hawkish rhetoric (see images of General Kelly at Trump’s UN speech) , and were instead students of world history. Alas, we have a self-serving rich man in charge of our nation’s public persona. Plus, we are I think over-exuberant in our hopes for the world in general, thinking that because our way has served us fairly well, all other nations surely want some of that. When in reality, respect means allowing other people to make their own mistakes and savor their own accomplishments. Just as we are with our own Native Peoples, we have to stop thinking that because someone shows us something they are asking for our advice or “solutions.” This is an unfortunate side-affect of our national character… We think that even IF you ask, you want us to solve your problem. We could not be more wrong. Or arrogant. Or both. Again… two ears, one mouth…there for a reason.

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  5. Wow, if Plato saw this knowledge of yours he would immediately declare it as the best American Political Treatise.

    You are very right in all your points above, and also so clear that I can’t ask any further question or add to what you have said.

    You have educated me so well there. Thanks a lot.

    Am so surprised that you understand the Dynamics of War so well.


  6. Oh yesssssssssss! Indeed trust me! Yesterday was such a blessing to be in the Lord’s house! And also it’s a greater blessing when God uses us to minster his word to others! Oh I just love u Lord Jesus! ❤❤💯

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  7. Very interesting. I agree that “nobody dares to think.” We really just mindlessly follow the majority, and that’s really scary. I believe that the beginning of wisdom comes with fearing God, our Creator, and seeking to obey his Word, then we become more discerning, thoughtful.
    Thanks by the way for reading some of my posts, and following me! I will be checking out more of your posts too!

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