​Sin as a Philosophy

In all of mankind’s activities, confusion about the true meaning (and understanding thereof) of sin is manifest. Ordinarily, people bear contempt for each other not only because they are bested in the struggle for money, but also because they all spend their gains in a non-uniform manner. But the bottom-line is that they are all competing to sin. This is as a result of so much idealism that has emanated from the advancement of the civilizations and now, for once in many eons, mankind has a feeling that the Golden Age is almost back – where he can live the way he or she pleases without fear or favor of dogmas that he cowardly repudiates deep in his soul, secretly, but in social circle maintains a thorough outward religious feel.
To-day sin has been reduced to empty philosophy where the meaning of all ancient scripture has been effectively debunked by all including the most religious, and a new paradigm has set in even in the once-sanctimonious places of worship. As I have widely explored in different articles, the human psyche and understanding for different things changes with time. The same way some imbeciles think that Jesus, in his second coming, should descend from the skies like it happens in some movies.

There is just so much that can be said about this nature of the ever-devious human mind. The imbecile, indulging in obscene indulgences in secret thinks that the Heavens are so stupid to “see” him. The force of evil is stronger than any atomic or hydrogen bomb you know. Mankind, as we know him, created his own definitions just to suit his own comfort zone. And sin changes with class – different classes of people have different definitions of sin, morality et al. 

There does not exist agents of Truth anywhere in the world for, those men and women who are supposed to educate and remind others about spirituality naturally cannot do so because they depend on the monies of their followers for survival. I wonder why the theology of the local pastor is so hypnotic to the fool who follows it just to camouflage his faults and untamable sensual desires. In a church or any place of worship the elders have to play to the tunes of the followers without ever reminding them of their spiritual sleep lest he loses all the material support he gets of them. We live in a very interdependent cosmos.

The souls of the ignorant (and arrogant for that matter) are imperiled thereby and certainly no one argues that it makes them less happy or fulfilled and forever tortured by the sins they commit in due sway to their carnality. I have seen that ignorant persons do anything they can to accumulate as much bad karma as they can in life, but we should smile at this though, probably because the scientists have told them that they are nothing but animals going through an infinite evolution process.

4 thoughts on “​Sin as a Philosophy

  1. Perhaps our error is in believing that asking for forgiveness of sin guarantees that forgiveness. In so many religions it is emphasized that the Creator acts as a parent. Sometimes parents forgive, but more often they find a punishment suitable for the infraction…and almost always it inevitably leads to the child’s awareness of the parent’s profound disappointment in our choice to misbehave. That in itself is a hell of sorts. The curiosity is in why we think ourselves wiser than the parent, or the disappointment easier to bear than corporal punishment.

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  2. Something speaks to me when I have sinned, be it only a lie that I think is small and harmless. This Something must be what we call a “conscience”, for I know that the words and feelings that are conveyed to me come from somewhere else, and I know they are true.

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  3. You exhibit perfect understanding of things. We think ourselves wiser than the “Parent” because She doesn’t directly interfere with our dealings because the Spiritual World has its own constraints and bounds.

    Thanks for the comment KC.

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  4. You are right, Mr Lee. The essence of conscience remains to be the only narrow bridge that connects us to the Most High. The omniscience of the Source of all Light (Consciousness) remains to be a solitary witness in all of our dealings if we remain devoted to Thatness.

    Hope this is not too cryptic.

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